We're not quite sure what to make of these HTC Magic images other than the fact that they look ridiculously similar to the device previously known as the Sapphire. If you didn't know, the Sapphire was reported to be the fabled G2, so if G2=Sapphire and Sapphire=Magic...that must mean the Magic is the next G2? That does match up with T-Mobile promising more Android "G" devices.

Looking back at the 2009 lineup from HTC, it looks like this could very well be the Vodafone edition of the Sapphire/G2. The button layout looks a wee bit different and in these pictures the "Android-Chin" is less severe but overall it looks like a big step forward for Android Devices. From what we can determine, there looks to be 6 buttons: call, end call, search, home, back, and another button we can't quite make out.

We don't quite know the specs of this device yet but we can surely expect the usual 3G, WiFi, GPS to be in the mix--you can't go backwards now can ya? There doesn't seem to be a physical keyboard so this Vodafone "Magic" / HTC Sapphire / G2 device must wait for Cupcake to fully roll out. Also, the pictures we received were also named HTC Pioneer, so who knows what this officially is. We'll definitely be on the lookout for more details regarding pricing and availability, so stay tuned!

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Thanks Adrian for the tip!