Evo Froyo root method 

The Froyo (Android 2.2) update for the Evo 4G has been rooted.  While the current method is a bit hairy and involves timing and a bit of luck, the directions look very straightforward, and more important, not too dangerous to your precious hardware.  The method is a mix of the recent exploit used on the Droid 2 and tools from the UnrEVOked team, and should leave you with a fully rooted and bootloader unlocked Evo, ready for your choice of a custom ROM.  

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Remember, this sort of thing breaks warranties and has the potential to ruin things, even if this method looks fairly safe.  Proceed at your own risk, or wait it out a few days to see if an easier method rolls around -- nobody here will blame you. But you trailblazers, hit the source link to give it a go!  [xda-developers] Thanks Chuck!

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