Friday Fun: Sergey Brin Uses a DROID

No question of loyalty here. Sergey Brin, one half of Google's dynamic duo aka the Masters of Search aka the Founders, was caught using a Motorola DROID at the Chrome OS event. We would take that as a ringing endorsement for the DROID and great for our ego considering Brin's worth billions of dollars and invented the closest thing to the answer-of-life, Google, yet he uses the same device available to all of us.

Maybe he had a top-secret HTC Dragon running Android 3.0 in his other pocket but yep, like we said, the DROID is the current go to device for Android users.

[via gizmodo]

  • I wonder if he's as pissed off about how laggy the UI is as I am.
  • I think he's a homo...
  • wait? laggy? are you on crack? Or have you never touched a BB storm? talk about laggy...