From the forums: An Open Letter to HTC and Sprint - How About a Compromise?

From Starfleet Captain:

Dear HTC,

As a customer and consumer, I want to thank you for the excellent phones that you continue to make every year. My very first HTC—made smartphone was the Windows Mobile 6.1 device called the Touch Diamond on Sprint. Since then, I was in line before dawn to pick up the HTC Evo 4G on the day it was released, and a year later, the HTC EVO 3D. I want you to know that I have greatly enjoyed these best in class devices over the years.

After reading through the press releases from your company and Sprint for your new upcoming device, the HTC EVO 4G LTE, as well as the many first impression reviews on the web, I can only conclude that you have another blockbuster winning device on your hands. I, for one, as has become a yearly tradition it seems, plan on being in line on the morning of the release of this excellent smartphone. That being said, many consumers in the Android community seem to take issue with a design decision on this device.

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  • I think the color of the kickstand is the worst offender. If it was a gray, somewhere in between the color of the top plastic, and the bottom metal, the phone would look much much better.
  • It has to be red. It's an EVO. We need some red in there with the black.
  • There are endless way of adding red to the black back. I am no engineer either, but I am an industrial designer, this phone is one of the ugliest I've seen in a long time. Considering I've owned EVO 4G, 3D and View.
  • Key words. "Industrial Designer". Meaning you deal with big designs and not small fine designs like a phone. The phone is actually really good and has a nice aesthetic to it. Really, the only problem with it is the glossy finish. I agree with the original poster that all it needs is a black matte finish and it would make the phone look much better. Even a matte red finish would make it look better.
  • Industrial designers design phones too. "Industrial" just indicates something made for manufacture. It's a hideous phone. The difference in blacks is a horrendous design decision. The red stripe as an accent us fine, but whoever made the gloss AND matte decision needs to be fired.
  • I got my Evo4g in the mail, on June 8th 2010. Beening that I love red and black together anyways, I scratched away the black around the battery cover to make my phone totally diffrent. So when I saw this new look, I was sold. The only thing that killed it for me was the fact that the battery is not removable. Oh and the kickstand closer to the middle "for those that really know Evo" was right on point with HTC responding to it's customer base. Long live Evo!
  • Oh, I'm running ICS on my Evo.
  • If that's your worst complaint, then, well.. Get a sharpie and have a ball! ;-) I'm waiting to see one in the store, but I've said I'm like 99.9% sure I'll be getting this when I'm upgrade eligible in June.
  • I like it, the design and all. It looks like part of the EVO family. Tomorrow post a letter thanking them for being different and differentiating themselves from the other carriers. Also, thank them for improving it in at least 3 areas (sd card, battery and kickstand) while keeping the price at $199. If people want the HTC One X then they should go to AT&T and get one.
  • I co-sign and heart this comment, fully. I can't wait to order my new EVO!!!
  • I could care less about the design. How about to ask for a better....wayyyy better battery on the phone instead?. Because I'm suffering with my EVO 3D. Sometimes I can't even make it to afternoon!!!
  • sounds like your battery may need replacing. I was having the same issue. Got a new battery off of ebay for a couple of bucks and my battery life has increased 10 fold....
  • Another reason to get a phone other than the E4GLTE. No user replaceable battery on it. Your battery dies, you have to take it in to a service center. Sucks to be you if you're not near one.
  • That's exactly why I said that people should be worry about the battery and NOT about the design!!!. because the phone will be a LTE, it will need a HUGE battery to hold on!. Otherwise, it will not going to make it to a full day of use.
  • you obviously dont know that the lte chip is built into the s4. saving tons of battery, hence why they went with s4 over tegra 3. im sure this phone will last 50-70% longer then the evo 3d.
  • Bishounen... does it suck to be you? Seriously!
    What a shame. edward0348... this next generation technology contains a significantly more efficient chip with integrated LTE and the battery technology is also new. Moreover, the ICS OpSys is more efficient. Your concern may very well be an old school syndrome. The jury is still out regarding battery life. Go get a Motoblur Razor MAXX.
  • They haven't say that "the battery technology is also new" as you said!.
    Maybe the chip with integrated LTE, but it we don't know yet how this will perform in real life. AND, I don't like Motorola's phones, so I won't be getting a "motoblur razor maxx" as you suggest me.
    I going to buy the EVO 4G LTE, and I will take my chances with the battery life.
  • I admit that I also hesitate with a non-user-replacable battery, but as long as there is a forced hardboot option, it's not a deal-breaker for me. And I'm fairly certain that there will be a HUGE development following for this particular phone. ;-)
  • They can't just magically snap their fingers and make the batteries last longer. Until Battery tech sees an advancement we won't be seeing any better battery life.
  • There IS new battery tech out. It changes the internal lattice structure so they charge in 6 mins instead of hours. The main problem is they rush the phone to market before getting the software sufficiently ready and it eats the ridic small stock battery in half a day. Bigger stock batteries would be nice, HAVING to get an extended battery is ridic.
  • I agree. Just put a case on it? This is better than the one x. sd card, bigger battery. If its not one thing its another. It has a unique design and I commend them for it.
  • You probably don't even have to put a case on it. Give it two months and there will be after-market top-back replacement pieces in any color you want. Same for battery. Just wait for the EVO-Maxx version.
  • Who cares about the back, put a cover on it, plus it in your hand facing away from you, and remember you look at the front of the phone not the back.
  • +1. I have NO IDEA why so many people are complaining about the BACK of a phone, that at the end of the day is going to be covered by a case anyway.
  • What is not to understand... If I don't like the color it SUCKS, if I don't like Sense it SUCKS, if the camera is not better than a DSLR it SUCKS. if the display isn't better than a 50" LED HD screen it SUCKS, if the battery can't last at least a week between charges while in 4G as a hotspot for my entire neighborhood it SUCKS, if it's too big it SUCKS, if it's too small it SUCKS, if the phone dings/cracks while being towed behind my car at highway speeds it SUCKS, if the CPU isn't 100 cores yet it SUCKS, if it doesn't come with at least 100TB of internal RAM for me to backup my entire life on it SUCKS. I want it to be an EVO but if it's made by HTC it SUCKS. And while we are on the subject, Sprint SUCKS!!! I want an unlimited everything plan with free unlimited hotspot so I can hookup my entire house and drop my ISP. I need all my family under this same plan with out any additional per line charges - because extra charges SUCK. I want data speeds at least twice as fast as my current ISP, so I can stream my 1TB a day of life saving entertainment. The plan should be less than 19.99/mo with an additional 75% employer discount and unlimited free equipment upgrades every three months, so I can keep up with the latest and greatest. And why should I have to pay anything for that new EVO, I am your customer so I should get one for me and each family members free without that stinking 2-year contract BS and free TEP included, you charging for a phone SUCKS. Any more silly questions?
  • 19.99/mo? Are you serious?! This is highway robbery! This SUCKS!
  • LMFAO!!! Quite possibly the finest comment I've read in some time on here. But truthfully the fact that I didn't think to write it... well that just SUCKS!
  • Features I want in my next EVO: * It needs to be indestructible!
    * It has to grant me up to three wishes, even if one of those wishes is for an iPhone!
    * It has to have an app that will build me an island!
    * It will then need to transform into a jet and fly me there!
    * It has to print money! Otherwise, it SUCKS!
  • I like the design just the way it is. If you don't like it, as others have said, put a case on it or get one of the other phones that all look the same.
  • Looks good to me!
  • Looks like its wearing a Tuxedo. I bet everyone whining about the back has their pants down below their butt and tattoos from wrist to chin.
  • I agree! Those dang kids better stay off my lawn and stop blasting that rock and roll! That's Satan's music!
  • I also think Sprint has done a great job making it unique. I would like the top to match the bottom, but not a big deal. I think this version is not only better, but visually stunning as well. It's quite simple, if you don't like it, don't buy it.
  • The phone is awesome but I do agree that the glossy removable cover looks very out of place at least in pictures. This will still be my next phone and I hope that some 3rd party vendors make some awesome substitutes since the offending cover is removable
  • Isn't the camera lens built into the removable cover...maybe some interchangeable lens will be offered
  • That's just a lens cover. Flat Glass. You can already buy lens kits for mobile phones.
  • rotorrocket... It's a highly durable, scratch resistant lens cover as on all HTC smartphones. It is not the lens. I prefer the design and functionality of Sprint's HTC Evo LTE over the HTC ONE X. It's bold, beautiful, and distinctive including the refined brushed aluminum silver unibody surrounding edge.. I won't be covering it with a case. I've always carried the insurance. Handsets that develop faults are always immediately replaced by Sprint. I look forward to Sprint upgrading their network as aggressively as possible.
  • I think sprint did such a fine job of giving users an even better phone than the one HTC originally showed that, if I didn't like the colors of this phone, I'd just paint it. This phone is even better than the One X. If you don't like the looks, suck it up and keep moving.
  • I admit that I don't think it looks great, but it doesn't look bad either, I prefer the shape over the one X only because it doesn't have a protruding camera, I personally find that irritating on phones.
    But in the end I put a case on every phone i own and looks are not a top priority for me, it's a tool, so it wouldn't matter to me.
    The reason I won't buy it is because Sprint's network is so slow, not the design :)
  • Seems a little ridiculous... There are several options here: 1. Paint it.
    2. Sand it to a non-glossy finish.
    3. Wait for an aftermarket one. The complaining about this stupid little removable cover that can be taken care of by the end user for 50 cents is getting old. Seriously people, GET OVER IT.
  • #3 seems like the most likely option for these little girls. I'm sure they'll all squee when the Hello Kitty Pink Ponytail cover comes out so that they can match the phone to their fingernail polish.
  • Dear Sprint, please include a phone cover that makes this look like the Att version and somehow allows the phone to connect to Verizons Lte network. Great thanks.
  • 1000-grit sandpaper, check. Tri Sodium Phosphate, check. Masking tape, check. 12pk of beer, check. Primer, check. Matte Black automotive paint, check.
  • If it's a good enough beer, you missed: Invite Robbzilla over to watch/share beer: Check!
  • Dang, Spring customers don't get a nice phone for months, and then when they get a killer handset all they can do is complain about the back of the phone. I guess people will always find something to complain about. I know I personally love when my phone looks like every other phone out there. Uninspired and boring design all the way for me!! Huzzah!
  • Can't make everybody 100% happy.
  • I'd be way more concerned about Sprint's end of the bargain. Their 3G network is already straining in a number of areas(and adding the iPhone didn't help).How well will their LTE network function using the 1900 Band? Didn't WiMax have building penetration issues using the same Bands?How long will Sprint take to be able and switch their LTE network over to the old converted Nextel 800 band?
  • I'm surprised at how few of you guys are concerned with the looks and not LTE availability. Would you buy it if there's no plans to service your city I'm the near future?
  • ^
    | Lives in Dallas.
  • I think the phone is awesome. Nothing needs to be changed. It's an EVO design, not an One X. Sprint and HTC knows exactly what they were doing when they came up with the design. It wasn't a mistake at all. The red color is the EVO's color design. I'm loving everything about this phone...and lookin forward to have it in my hands. :)
  • "Man, every phone looks the same!"
    "Every phone looks like the iPhone!"
  • ....whatever...
  • I love the design... It looks like OG EVO 4G hit the gym and put on a tux.
  • I love this phone, and I agree to some of your points.
    If you're not including "Beats" headphones, don't put cheap ear buds in. Chances are, most of us have invested in better headphones/earbuds. I don't mind the shiny cover. I LOVE that Sprint held HTC to the red, the kickstand, and having better battery and SD card storage. This will be my next phone. I can't wait until August!
  • Do want...will have!!
  • Remember everyone, it's okay to complain much in the same way many of you are complaining about people that complain to much.
  • From Starfleet Captain?
    it's obvious you think very highly of yourself to begin with.
    The idea that you could touch or have reached enough people to legitimize a letter in "our" behalf shows us all that. Besides the fact you should never have taken the authority to write such a letter it seems to me you are like some little kid. You have not even touched, seen in hand, or used this phone and you dare to complain? I just find this to be pretty hilarious and i'm sure it will bring many laughs to the office at sprint that opens this letter. haha