Flash Coming to Android End of 2009 ?

Adobe just announced that they've set a timetable to bring Flash to Android (and other smartphone platforms) and that it'll likely happen before the end of the year. Adobe smartly realizes that the game is changing with mobile devices becoming the new PCs. And with mobile devices being used more and more, the cry for real Flash has only grown louder.

Adobe has been "reengineering its software so that Flash-based games and videos can run on different handsets without being modified." Adobe has even gone as far to strike alliances with chip designers and phone makers and have "offered millions of dollars to developers willing to write programs for mobile devices that use its software".

We've yet to personally experience true flash on our mobile devices so we're definitely excited to see what Adobe can bring to the Android platform. What about you guys?


  • Its about time. All companies really need to wake up and realize that this mobile industry is craving for more and more avaialbility and usage with our phones.
  • The key phrase is "...mobile devices becoming the new PCs" Whoever takes advantage of this trend before their competition will profit.
  • when are they going to do this
  • when are they going toto release this the exact date i mean
  • I just gave up, screw Adobe and their toying with us. Same goes to tmo for not speeding this up. I ended up rooting my phone and tethering it to my laptop. Stupid tmo as well, the same happened with the cupcake update. Now I'm not installing it, no matter how many times I'm promted. I hate to be teased like that, so I did what I had to.
  • I am assuming that tmo (some how?) has been using their influence to keep it off the only production andriod phone to keep users from using too much of their limited gprs and/or 3g band width.
  • That is great news! I'm going to use the Adobe product as well! The results I will present soon.