Mario Kart Tour gets Tokyo update featuring new characters, tracks and Rainbow Road!

What you need to know

  • Mario Kart Tour has recieved its first fortnightly update.
  • Update takes the tour to Tokyo with new Tokyo Blur course.
  • There's also new characters, tracks and most importantly... Rainbow Road!

Mario Kart Tour has been updated with its first fortnightly content release. Announced this morning on Twitter, the new update will take users to Tokyo, where they can try their hand at the Tokyo Blur course for the next two weeks.

The three new tracks are Kalimari Desert, Neo Bowser City and the soul-destroying, tv-smashing, rage-inducing death trap that is SNES Rainbow Road. The courses have been specially adapted for mobile with different obstacles.

The two new spotlight drivers are Peach and Mario, both of whom you'll find dressed in traditional Japanese dress in a nod to the latest update.

The new characters available include Baby Rosalina and Bowser Jr.

Here's the trailer for the new Tokyo Tour update!

Stephen Warwick