Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout — How to dive and push

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout
Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout (Image credit: Devolver Digital)

With Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout releasing onto PlayStation Plus, a ton of people are playing the multiplayer free-for-all for the first time. One thing you'll notice right away is that it's very useful to dive and push other players on your way to victory. Luckily, doing so is as simple as pressing a single button.

How to dive in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Press Square on your controller to dive forward in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. While it may not seem like it, diving can be just the trick you need to qualify for the next round. Not only can you dive and avoid projectiles coming your way or extend your air time for a longer jump, but you can also use it to lunge forward and potentially beat your opponents across the finish line.

How to push in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

There isn't a dedicated push button, but you can grab on to players by holding the right trigger. During this time, you can either pull them back or push them forward with the thumbstick. It isn't a hard push that sends them flying like you might be imagining. Instead, you're basically moving them forward or backward with your body using the thumbstick.

Pushing is useful if your opponent is close to the edge, but that's about it. Grabbing them and pulling them back can give you the upper hand if you fall too far behind. You'll need to be careful when doing this because bumping into other players can slow you down.

Any other questions?

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