Fact-checking Apple's iPhone X event

Android fans are no stranger to Apple events containing a jab or two at the competition, often lacking context to make things seem rosy and awesome for App fans. The September event for Apple is usually for the next iPhone, but this event had a lot of things to talk about from the comfort of the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. For nearly two hours, Apple captivated the tech world with new products and a look at some future things.

There was also quite a few things said that don't quite line up with reality, so I decided to fact-check a little.

Did you miss the Apple event? Check out the highlights here!

If you don't do it right, it gets so big it looks like a house arrest bracelet

You don't need me to tell you this one Is as true as it gets. Cellular Android Wear watches are awful, and Apple Watch is smaller than all of the other smartwatches to begin with.

To have made a cellular Apple Watch and barely increase the size is damned impressive.

Our friends at iMore have all you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 3

We're at the next major inflection point

This came from Apple talking about the new Apple TV 4K with HDR, as though 4K and HDR were new things. 4K isn't a new thing, and HDR set-top boxes have been a thing since January.

For Apple to say that 4K and HDR is just now becoming the next big thing for televisions is hilarious. Way to catch up, Apple.

Learn more about the Apple TV 4K here!

No other device in our lifetime has had the effect on the world that the iPhone has

I'm sorry, what now? Not the Pacemaker, digital watch, or robots that clean our oceans for us. Nope, the iPhone is the most impactful thing the world has ever seen.

Sorry, I'm gonna call you on this one Apple.

For the first time you were actually touching the software instead of buttons.

See more

Apple was the first company to make a phone capable of multi-touch, but touchscreen and multi-touch as a concept had been around for quite a long time before the iPhone.

This sentence is just plain wrong, even with the first iPhone there was nothing magic about being able to touch the software.

The App Store changed the way we work, play, learn, communicate

You mean the App Store that didn't come to iPhone until the 3G version? The one that came as a response to the growing developer ecosystem on Android in what was originally called the Android Market?

Yeah, gonna call this one false as well.

We changed the way people communicate with features like iMessage and FaceTime

While iMessage has certainly grown to be a capable messaging system, its beginnings were not only humble but lacking compared to just about every competing product at the time. All of which were available in app form in the App Store when iMessage launched.

As for FaceTime, please. Not only is FaceTime still one of the least interesting video chat services available today, it also launched on the iPhone when multiple competing products existed.

This is the first OLED display great enough to be in an iPhone

Samsung, the manufacturer of the panel Apple is using in the iPhone X, would love to know what the hell Apple is talking about here. The OLED panels in the S7, S8, and Note 8 have not only outperformed Apple's displays according to DisplayMate, but every feature Apple is boasting in the iPhone X exists in the Note 8 display panel.

OLED has been great for a long time now, Apple. You're just catching up.

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Russell Holly

Russell is a Contributing Editor at Android Central. He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets. You can usually find him chasing the next tech trend, much to the pain of his wallet. Find him on Facebook and Twitter

  • wow what a great article.
  • Good article, but I have to agree with most of Apple's marketing. Business isn't about invention, it's about innovation. They may not have created whatever or brought whatever to market first, but they make the market buy into it. What other consumer device has caused this much of a change in consumer behaviour across almost every sector in the past decade? What's the market capitalization of the Play Store vs the App Store? What were the introduction and adoption rates of multitouch phones before the iPhone? What is the current adoption of Qi chargers before the iPhone incorporation and what will it be a year from now? I love Android and all but when Apple moves, the world takes notice. Additional Note: FaceTime and iMessage demolish anything Google has put out in recent years for messaging.
  • You're conflating innovation with sales and popularity.
  • It's the Apple way...
  • Innovation is the capitalization of an invention. So yes, innovation is sales and adoption.
  • No, innovation has nothing to do with sales. Or is McDonald's the most innovative burger company?
  • Please don't mix up inventing and creating with innovation. McDonalds is the face of fast food. I wouldn't say they are the most innovative but they lead the innovation of the fast-service restaurant industry.
  • How do they lead the industry in innovation?
  • in·no·va·tion
    the action or process of innovating.
    synonyms: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough; More
    a new method, idea, product, etc.
  • McDonald's created the modern fast food chain. Haven't you seen the movie, "The Founder." So yes, McDonald's is by far the most innovative burger company in history.
  • Very well said!!! They actually do revolutionize a lot of things and make them better. And a lot of designs /ideas got rumored out which leads to some of their competitors knowing and getting a head start on doing it bef or least trying to. "Apple commands trends in the mobile space, and whether you love or hate the company, one thing is always certain – what Apple does, others follow. This is why flagships are getting more expensive and it is also why Google has completely rethought its Project Tango with the ARCore initiative." http://www.knowyourmobile.com/mobile-phones/apple-iphone-edition/24409/i...
  • What apple does others will follow? Like the notification drop down? Widgets? Large OLED screens on phones? Apple has played it safe and taken ideas from other manufacturers once they saw the success... Innovation defined lol Didn't Steve Jobs say there would never be an iPad mini? And that 3.5" phone display was the sweet spot? Lol
  • You aren't actually arguing companies don't follow Apple, are you? We know Apple copies features too of course, but you can't actually believe they once Apple does something, other companies don't do the same? I don't like it, but I'm not gonna deny it? Having a great FPS? Removing the 3.5mm jack, dual cameras, etc, etc. They weren't first, but once they did it , most companies follow. This seems pretty obvious IMO.
  • FPS yes, but now apple also follow Samsung to go with facial recognition. And less bezels and round edge screen. The wheel has turned. And 3.5mm jack is a mix reaction. Many other manufacturers still stand with the 3.5mm jack.
  • Yes, you're saying what I did, if you check: I said "they weren't first (i.e. they copied), but once they did it, most companies follow". It's not if what they do is good or bad, it's that after they do it.. most companies copy. It's what happens. See how many companies in a few years still have the 3.5mm jack, or don't have dual cameras, etc,etc. Not the first ... just heavily copied after..
  • A lot of companies will continue to produce phones that have 3.5 mm jacks and single cameras (and Micro USB). They might be limited to the budget phones, but they'll be there.
  • True, but comparing apples to apples (flagship phones), most will have the dual cameras , remove the headphone jack, etc
  • Just to complete the picture. That's also applied to Samsung. Althought is not as many example as Apple. Example the phablet screen size, the water resistant, the wireless charging. Not the first, but many (including apple) copy the idea after they implement it on their galaxy flagship phone.
  • yup, all true.
  • You know HTC had 4"+ screens first, and they did water resistant and wireless charging before samsung.
  • Sorry, going all screen and removing the home button was already in the works from Apple since 2012. Rumors were already started to circulate that Apple wanted to remove the home button and go all screen. Iphone 7 was technically suppose to get a full redesign but they didn't do it for a few reasons. One they wanted the redesign for the 10th anniversary and going all screen /design wouldn't have made the this year's phone stand out. Second, Apple has patents from a few years ago on embedding the fingerprint sensor underneath the screen. The technology wasnt ready then and I'm sure they were confident it would be ready for this year but obviously it wasn't. Samsung new from its deep connections into the supply chain what Apple was planning to do this year for a redesign. It's a big coincidence since the original iPhone Samsung had a home button at that front and now all of sudden they decide to remove it and go all screen? People will argue this is non sense and etc but at the end it's about Samsung competing with Apple and either rushing to match an Apple design /feature or trying to do it bef them. Why? Obviously to get the recognition being the first and to start the trend and of course getting a head start. The all screen or sheet of glass phone was Jonny Ive's vision from years ago. Samsung knew and beat them to it. In my opinion though Apple did a much better job of coming out with an iPhone almost entirely screen looking like a sheet of glass just like from their original vision. Apple doesnt rush to be the first they perfect the technology. As for facial recognition was already in the works for some time too not something they just decided bec of Samsung. Especially not Samsung! The same could be said of the iwatch. I believe it was the Pebble smart watch was first. When it was rumored Apple /Tim cook was working on a smart watch how all the other manufacturers were racing to come out with their smart watches first. And of course when it was announced along came force touch. When it was rumored that Apple would be including force touch /3 d touch in their upcoming iphone 6s phones what did Huawei do? They announced on their phone one day bef Apples keynote. Same goes for last year how LG announced they had embedded the first fingerprint sensor into their screens. Where is that screen? If they already developed it why isnt it on their phones? Again, I ll admit and agree Apple doesnt always come out with certain hardware /features first. But, when they are rumored to be working on something other companies will try to beat them to it first. Especially Samsung cause they feel they need to match Apple on features and designs. Another example of Samsung copying Apple out right is their browser. Compare safari and samsung browser and you ll see how much it's interface color and exact menus look identical to Apple's.
  • Dude, if you spend this much time and energy on a comment defending and pushing opinions about how a company thought of something first you should try to get a job with them. At least you'll get something in return...
  • He already works for Apple..
  • Wow....this has to be the most Apple masturbatory comment I've ever read....and I've read a lot!
  • Apple's facial recognition is nothing like Samsung's.
  • What has Apple done that companies have followed in the last 5 years? Fingerprint scanning, face recognition and eye scanning have been around prominently in phones years before Apple did it. Same with OLED, same with infinity display, same with augmented reality, same with bigger phones, larger screens, nfc, so what exactly are you talking about? Apple has been playing catch up to the rest of the industry since the iPhone 4s. They have not innovated, they haven't pioneered, they use outdated tech, package it and sell it to people who are to indoctrinated to know better. I have seen one other phone without a headphone jack (moto z), and it was not their flagship. I'm sorry, but your entire premise is just wrong. I won't say nobody cares about Apple, that would be intellectually dishonest. But they don't set trends, they follow as they have for years. They aren't the leader, they cherry pick features, put their spin and market it as new I.e 4k.
  • What Apple forgot was that 3.5" phone was the largest of its kind on the market at that time.
  • Apple's ridiculous arrogance is a huge turn off, and one of the reasons why I want nothing to do with them.
  • Yep, others follow Apple...4 years before Apple does whatever they do.
  • At one time (jobs era) I would have agreed with you but now it does feel like 100% gane of catch up. Other than the face ID or some of the camera functions there I nothing better. Samsung still has the best display and wireless charging and the iPhone x design looks like an android phone. Even the software reminds me of blackberry 10.
  • In a way bec they removed their home button which was their trademark. And yes they did borrow /copy some BlackBerry 10 swiping gestures like swiping to go back and now the swiping up.
  • Lol, no. There's not enough spin in the world to make you right. You're demonstrating a complete and total lack of knowledge of what innovation is. You're just wrong period.
  • What's your definition of innovation? Is it synonymous to invention? What was Tesla, an inventor or an innovator? What was Edison, an inventor or an innovator?
  • Hey JB... You are an idiot... Innovation has NOTHING to do with sales. Innovation is coming up with a new idea... no marketing an old idea... just in case you won't use "Google" to look it up... here is the definition. in·no·va·tion
    the action or process of innovating.
    a new method, idea, product, etc.
    plural noun: innovations
    "technological innovations designed to save energy"
  • Why do you think Apple takes the cake in sales and popularity? We as Android fans have to stop being so blind to reality. There is a reason...
  • There is a reason. More than a decade of excellent marketing.
  • Excellent marketing gets people in the stores. It doesn't keep customers purchasing year after year. Android fans can be some of the most dense individuals out there.
  • Getting people in stores is 90% of the battle. After an initial purchase, the vast majority of users will stick with what they know simply because it's that they know. I don't really think your personal dislike of android fans is really relevant.
  • Not if the product is trash they won't. You obviously have never worked with people in wireless.
  • The comment you responded to didn't say the product is trash, it said popularity shouldn't be confused for innovation. The product isn't trash, the product is fine. Fine isn't exceptional though.
  • Because they make good devices that work well. Most consumers don't care about innovation, they just want it to work and work well.
  • I think one of the main reason that Apple taking the big pie is because they monopoly the iOS segment. Imagine if the pie split 50/50 across iOS and Android. Apple will take up the entire 50, and the android pie will be further split among the OEM manufacturers...
  • Customer service. Read some of the horror stories in threads on here about the Android OEMs (especially Samsung - even discounting the Note 7 debacle, there are plenty of posts about not honoring warranties or receiving incentives). Upgrading to a new device. It's a *lot* easier for the average person to upgrade from one version of iPhone to the next than it is to upgrade from one version of Galaxy to the next, even with the Samsung tools. If you're going from one Android OEM to a different one, it's almost impossible to do a seamless upgrade. In addition, you can go to an Apple Store & have them do it for you.
  • I'm calling bullshit. I've switched from HTC to Samsung, Samsung to LG, Nexus phones to Notes. Very seamless and never had any issue. Most stores will help you set it up also. Also, my wife and son who are "average" users have no problems when their phones are upgraded. You are going to read horror stories just due to people wanting to complain on the internet more than share a positive experience. That's lesson #1 in CS. Please one person and they might tell one person. Anger one person and they will surely tell ten.
  • kids think they're cool. kids parents see's kids thinking they're cool. So they think they're cool. parents parents sees the kids and grandkids thinking something is cool... etc, etc. All of which, are completely tech illiterate.
  • Well, there's no denying their way of selling technology has been innovative...I mean that's clearly where they have excelled. Before the iPhone, smartphones were not something for consumers. Everything from the Treo to the HTC HD2 focused exclusively on enterprise. Even Blackberry, which became somewhat popular with consumers, never catered to anyone but "business users", which if we are being honest, is not a large market in the global sense. "What do people want, or don't know they want yet?" is a much different approach than "what can we cobble together with the margins we need to make this profitable?" Apple may not be the first with everything, but you can actually say that anything they add to their devices, they don't cut corners on just to reach a certain price point...
  • I don't think anyone is claiming Google has a messaging platform close to Apple in popularity. The point is about things like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter et Al... Even Skype, back then it was relevant.
  • "When Apple moves, the world takes notice." How epic.. you really seem like the kinda person that just loves to hear themself speak at parties rofl. iMessage doesn't hold a candle to hangouts for one reason alone. I use my ipad and my Android phone to message friends... With the same messenger. And are you speaking of market capitalization in the US or the world? The play store has seen a larger revenue growth in the past few years vs the app store. With the recent changes made by Google, this will probably continue. But I really love your speculation on the adaptation of Qi chargers lol Keep up the good work!
  • All True. Very good points. People think of iPhones (and "Galaxies") when they think of a smartphone. Whether we like it or not, they have the mind share, and they make very nice products. That doesn't mean every time they "invent" something in a keynote, we can't laugh a little bit. Yes, they are getting credit for "inventing" things already invented. I'm past it, I guess. At this point, all modern flagship smartphones are very good, so most of the arguments are mostly nit picking anyway :-)
  • They don't get people to buy into anything anymore. Yes, the penetration of some of these old hat features will increase now that Apple has added them to their devices, but that is because they have a captive audience. iPhone buyers aren't going to buy these devices because of the new features, they are going to buy them cause they are Apple devices, and the greater penetration is going to happen by default, not because they do it better.
  • What other device you ask? Well like all of them as Apple sales < even Huawei sales ... not to mention Samsung sales as they are humiliating the sales of Apple .... those devices my friend.
  • Huh? How is making something better innovating? In fact their wireless charging is already behind since Samsung has fast wireless charging and their fast charging is also behind, op has even better fast charging.
  • While I will never own an iPhone, they have changed the mobile scene and I think for the better. I honestly believe if google wanted to compete with Facetime and iMessage, they need to dump everything else and add SMS to allo, make it the standard and use duo. Having 10 different messengers is stupid. Apple has 1 and it works perfectly, I just don't understand why google doesn't see that.....
  • Fresh out of popcorn. Time for a refill. I'll be right back!
  • Make sure to bring some nacho cheese once you get back, it tastes great with popcorn! Yum Yum!
  • But, how? I couldn't imagine the mess your hand would become if you put the cheese directly on top of the popcorn. So does that mean you have a side cup of cheese and kernel by kernel dip the popcorn into the cheese? hmmmmm. I'm asking the tough questions here! This is REAL reporting! lol
  • Parmesan cheese is awesome with popcorn though.
  • LOL! Great Article, and I love that ya'll went back to the IBM Simon! :)
  • Didn't Apple invent the smartphone? .......oh yeah.
  • We had the Blackberry and Nokia even had a smartphone type device before the iPhone came along.
  • They didn't, but nice try!
  • Apple had the first popular all touchscreen smartphone. But invent the smartphone?? Not even close.
  • LG started the touchscreen phone business. Nice try
  • My thoughts exactly, at least "innovated" it.
  • I really think he was being sarcastic...
  • Yup! It was sarcasm.
  • "The future is wireless". Which is why Nokia introduced wireless charging on their Lumias 820 and 920 in September...2012.
    Yeah. You're "just" five years late to the party, Apple. (Well but at least you adopted Qi instead of some proprietary bullsh*t. THAT was the evening's surprise)
  • Palm introduced wireless charging with the original Pre in 2009. So Apple is 8 years behind. But, I don't think wireless charging standards existed back then so my two touchstone pucks will remain useless.
  • Yeah I know that. But you're right, there was no wireless standards then. And the Pre required the cover to add to the phone.
    I was thinking more about built-in standardised wireless charging. That started with the Nokia 820 and 920, followed shortly after by the Nexus 5 (I think? I never cared for the Nexus line so I might have messed up the number) and then a bunch of other phones. I'm being awfully nice to Apple here lol
  • *Nexus 4, November 2012.
  • Thanks ;)
  • My palm pre never needed a cover to use wireless charging. Just placed it on the touchstone and I was good to go.
  • Palm did it before that.
  • Haha so true. I was also surprised that they went with the Qi standard. Of course they had to throw in how they made it better and are working with Qi to bring their improvements to everyone. Lol
  • If Apple does find a way to make Qi better, that benefits everyone.
  • exactly, why bash. because of the iPhone, you guys have your android. they influence each other and push each other , which is great for tech geeks. I carry the note 8 and I will for sure get the iPhone x
  • Correct Scott. Its all good. Each device pushes further along every time. No matter what. I use apple as my main phone because all my family is using iphones and like it or lump it, imessage and facetime are awesome for communicating with family. Also, I find the iPhone smoother and faster than my android phones of the same era. I am getting a new Note for work, but my iPhone will ALWAYS be my daily driver now.
  • And of course Apple are the only ones who can make it better.
  • Qi has been constantly getting better since it was introduced, but sure, let's give Apple credit
  • I'm not saying that they're the only ones who can improve it, or anything similar. But more engineers working on it is good.
  • Did you see that picture/video of the phone, watch, and earbuds charging? Looked innovative to me. I just hope it's something more inventive than a box with 3 embedded coils.
  • BUt they didn’t make it better. More popular sure but not better. Laughed when the rolled out air power and said that no one in the business could create a multiple device charging pad.
    Several available especially way back when wireless charging was getting popular 2 to 3 years ago.
  • If I had to guess, they did not have any other option but to adopt Qi to meet the timeline.
  • my opinion is that they are also riding on the merchant adoption that had been brought up by other manufacturers (i.e. Samsung).
  • Well, if they wanted to be their douchy selves they could have adopted PMA...the exact standard no one uses, just to "think different". I guess they realised there's only so many ways one can skin a cat and opted to just go with the popular standard and skip the need to actually have their own wireless charger ready lol
  • While I agree that other devices/inventions have been as impactful, it's not the ones the author mentions. Not the Pacemaker, digital watch, or robots that clean our oceans. How about the telephone, the computer, or the internal combustion engine, but certainly not the digital watch.
  • Digital watches were pretty impactful when they launched... Still, I'd go for the humble pocket... Try carrying your iPhone without one!
  • .... Wait! What's the rest of your sentence? What should I try carrying? I need to know!! 😁
  • If I told you that, I'd be depriving you of the opportunity to exercise your imagination...
  • The key words were "in our lifetime". No worries, I hate apple
  • Their "Apple Watch is #1 in the world" is so incredibly misleading. #1 in what? sales? Adoption? Of course it might outperform Rolex in sales.. Average price for a Rolex is $8,000. Average price for an Apple Watch is $300.
  • Haha I asked that same question when I saw the keynote. So vague
  • Sales revenue and probably profit for connected wearables. Was just over 50% of the entire market last I checked. They're also not competing directly with Rolex. If you're dumb enough to buy a Rolex instead of a better product at the same price, you're probably going to buy an Apple Watch just because of the brand.
  • I think people would still go for Rolex is because of social status. Same goes to why many people will go for iPhone against some better value phones. I don't mean all, but I believe some of them are.
  • You forgot that Rolex is a jewelry that has a growing value, ten years later , you still have an investment in your Rolex watch, while Apple watch is a liability, it's value will never appreciate once you buy it. That's why people who can afford Rolex buys it. I got my dad's 30 yrs old Rolex, Jewelers still price it good
  • Yes, My Rolexes increase in value now since they are older non current models now. I have a couple of other brand watches too that are gaining in vaiue, However....Guess what I wear most of the time....either apple watch, Casio G shocks, or timex. The new casio pro trek is the next "to get". We love camping, hiking etc and that watch is awesome. But most times its the apple watch.
  • Well, their world is theirs - only Apple users..:)
  • Haters gonna hate hate hate Just kidding but this Android vs Apple argument is getting so old.
  • "This is the first OLED display great enough to be in an iPhone" this is Apple's way of saying "sorry we're late to the party....again!" Or a better way to say "better late than never" I just love how Apple tries to sweet talk themselves into making people believe like they are the one that make everything so great. I bet all the people that cheer and get all excited at the keynote, either get paid to do that or are Apple workers. Apple has great hardware, but the software though is lacking. They seriously take simplicity to a whole new level.
  • Did you see how much if the crowd was apple Employees, lol... Like 40% at least. I thought that was a little weird..
  • Don't forget Rene....He's in the back jerking off! ha ha ha!
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahah, this was awesome.
  • "fact checking"... I like it! But I doubt it'll catch on throughout the wider internet...
  • Apple knows what they are doing. They aren't marketing for us, this is for their sheeps that will ingest all this nonsense and it works. So kudos to Apple for that, great marketing.
  • Android fans are every bit as fanatical as iOS fans so I've never understood the "sheep" reference.
  • How dare you use logic against Apple-haters! Apple is a big evil meany marketing machine, how could anyone possibly defend them?! /s
  • I know. How could normal people continue to buy from a company with a good track record and quality products! That's insane. /s
  • Yeah it's not like Apple have ever had any product issues like lack of wireless connectivity, poor structural design leading to bending, battery issues, bricked devices after updates... /S
  • It's not like any phone hasn't had faults from time to time. Lg boot loop. Samsung exploding note 7.
  • And? Did I claim that was the case? My point was that Apple has had issues, not that they're unique in that aspect. A perception of quality products isn't the same as quality products.
  • Apple had their share of exploding batteries too!
  • EliCzap86 - The sheep reference can be applied to any group that does something because they are a part of the herd, "Sheep" are not defined by the product they use, but rather by their attitude about it. However, you can be a fan of certain features without having the sheep mentality, and there's nothing wrong with preferring one product over another. We are a mostly Apple family and I used to be a beta tester for Apple software, but I still prefer the U11 over the iPhone 7 I bought on the same day, mostly because it's more fun (yeah, that was an expensive day, lol)
  • What do you think of the U11? I have the LG G6 and it's meh. I won't buy another Samsung after two explodey Note 7's and two S8+ with pukey pink displays. The iPhone X is cool, but insanely expensive. If I stick with Android, the U11 is really the only phone that has intrigued me this year. And HTC Sense is probably the best skin. The camera is also awesome on the U11. Oh yes, and it's like half the price of the iPhone X, lol.
  • the HTC 11 was going to be my android phone for the year until I heard google might buy them. The HTC will be abandoned and get Zero updates if sold to google.
  • mayconvert - I'm disappointed in the possible sale as well, but I'm not absolutely certain it would be abandonment. It might go that way, but I hope not. For my personal benefit, I wish HTC would stay intact. For HTC's benefit, I would rather see them be acquired gracefully rather than die slowly (as also stated here on AC). They do not have the resources to overcome the market and mindshare that Samsung and Apple have, so even great devices cannot pull them out. Any time HTC misses a mark (real or perceived), they get sent to the gallows. When Apple and Samsung miss a mark, people are quick to defend them. Case in point: HTC One M9. Killed by overheating problems and a camera that was a poor choice. But wait... did it overheat? Nope. AC and others proved it with thermal imaging. What phone DID overheat to the point where it could damage human flesh? The Galaxy S6. Apple screws up the iPhone 4 chassis design and tells people "you're holding it wrong", and people were like "Ok! My mistake!". HTC was downright bashed for the M9 being similar to the M8. The iPhone 8 is out now, identical three years running, and there will be no bashing party...
    Double standards are a bear.
  • You left out pixel?
  • GibMcFragger - U11 has exceeded my expectations. I was basically buying it to see if the audio was acceptable and if that back was as stunning as it seemed. Turns out that audio through the adapter is the highest quality of any 2017 smartphone, and audio through USonic is a game changer. Aside from sound, they nailed pretty much everything. Performance is consistently great, battery life is solid, the screen is beautiful and I don't miss the display on my S7 Edge at all. Like Andrew here on AC said, the touch response is perfect. Edge Sense is a big plus. I could go on about the things I like, but the dislikes are shorter and easier to get out of the way. I don't like the default 3rd party keyboard, and replaced it with SwiftKey. I miss the HTC gallery and music player. I have to be a little more careful because I went from a metal back to glass, but the phone has dropped 5 times onto hardwood and other surfaces with no damage. My M8 got a dent on day one. There is one mini scratch on the top corner of the screen, but you have to look for it. Apparently there was grit on the restaurant table I plopped it down on :(
  • Sweet! I may get one. Thanks for the review.
  • I just ordered one. They went on sale for $829cdn (from $899), so I grabbed a Solar Red one. It seems better than my G6 for what I use a phone for. I listen to music a lot, and take pics. Yes, the U11 has a SLIGHTLY smaller display, but at least the aspect ratio is normal. The G6 cameras are decent, but the LG image processing/noise reduction is heavy, so don't LOVE the pics it takes.
  • i went from g6 to u11. sometimes i wish the u11 had the wide angle cam as well. But otherwise, much better experience with the u11
  • Awesome! Thanks for the replies, gents! I rarely use the wide angle on my G6, TBH. Too much edge distortion.
  • I understand where it came from. There are some apple fans who will try to get you to convert because THEY think its so great. I have a high school friend who is all in with apple. He kept getting me to try macbooks . I used his a few times....it was garbage. I hate MacOS. It's a mess. But they think it's the best thing since oxygen. However, there are people that are like that on every platform. Here included. I use all platforms, and all have their good points and bad points. Nothing is better, just different.
  • True.
    I mean, you just need to see iJustine's reaction to everything. She has a bloody Galaxy S8 Plus yet she was still super excited by everything Apple was announcing as if she didn't had it ALL already on a phone she actually owns lol
  • I watched the 15 min breakdown the Verge did and was just in awe of the claims. The marketing they do is ballsy as hell to make those claims lol.
  • Note8 wins 😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😂😂😂 nough said
  • Yes sir....
    my note 8 is the real beast mode phone of 2017 if you ask me
  • Loved how well Face ID works..... Oh wait, it failed on me first device during the demo
  • Lackluster product showing. The new iPhones are mediocre. The iPhone X face looks like an essential phone. The gestures are Blackberry 10 features. Samsung has fingerprint, Iris scan, face scan security features. Blackberry on Android is arguably the most secure Android system. Qi charging on Android phones for a few years now. Android still much more customizable. People will pay 1000 for the phone but for what reason really. Not sure exactly. Oh well.
  • Because that iPhone will be supported natively much longer than any Android manufacturer. BlackBerry Android phones have a giant question mark in terms of support. BB10 is dead. People don't have time to customize every little thing about their phone and no need to if native offerings worked well.
  • That is the one factor I commend apple for, their OS support is superior to android.
  • Because they have 1 phone and 1 manufacturer. Makes it a tad easier.
  • Since 2013 inclusive they've had 2 phones each year. Last year and this year, 3.
  • Compared to two phones to develop for which are essentially the same with very slightly different hardware and screen sizes, do you now how many variations of hardware profiles that Android must fit in to be developed for along with screen resolutions and memory/processor variants capacity?
  • Each manufacturer can choose to support their devices like apple....but....they don't. Not even google themselves.
  • Not really. There comes a time when Qualcomm refuses to update their drivers for a new OS.
  • BB isn't a question mark, it's a black mark. Priv is how old?
  • Priv is, who cares how old, it's not the newest blackberry. That's like saying iphone 6 is how old? Ever heard of the keyone?
  • You're missing my point. The S5 is in Nougat, it's from 2015. The Priv is also from 2015, though more than six months later than the S5, and it's not getting Nougat. That's right, Blackberry is doing worse than Samsung in long term support.
  • The S5 was released in 2014 and doesn't have Nougat
  • The iPhone 5s is from 2013 and is getting IOS 11. That's great OS support if you ask me.
  • My bad, I meant to say S6. I don't know why I didnt catch that before I posted. The S6 has nougat. The S6 came out in 2015.
  • Well, people certainly don't have the time if it's not even an option. A lot of people customize their device, and make the time to do so because we like to.
  • Seems 85% of all cell phones sold being android might want to dispute your claim of apples dominance .
  • Apple exposed and roasted.
  • I can't wait to listen to the upcoming iMore podcast, comedy at its finest.
  • Well done Russell. You burned em well in this article.
  • Russell, Apple has changed the world like no other company has.
    Apple's product success has spawned and inspired legions of inventors and scientists. Mobile nations wouldn't be here if not for Apple, ergo you are here also.
    Apple is now and will be for some time, the dominant player that everyone aspires to be...Don't even try to spin it.
  • I read this and think "sometimes satire really does come across as sincere".
  • Mobile Nations existed before iPhone. Ever heard of Crackberry? Lots of us started there and moved here.
  • My point being that without Apple's influence, the technology landscape would have looked very different than it does today and CrackBerry would still be navel gazing and the staff that they employ would likely be doing something else, somewhere else.
    Just to name a few - tech sites, tech journalists, tech junkies, coders, designers, retailers, engineers, and many local economies that depend of factory jobs owe a debt of gratitude to Apple for making what we have today possible..
    Yeah, I'd say that next to the automobile, Apple's influence on the world trumps the Roomba and the Pacemaker.
  • Sorry but tech junkies existed way before Apple and would've continued to exist. Apple does trump the Roomba but the Pacemaker? C'mon that's just stupid and you can't believe that. It's statements like yours which fuel the whole Apple vs Android fanboy wars. Stop worshiping your phone.
  • Past tense...
  • When that face unlock failed on stage, I bet he was WAY past being tense!! ;)
  • iPhone X is great for those deep in the Apple ecosystem, but give me my Note 8. It is in every way better than the iPhone X. Samsung Pay alone is worth getting the Note 8 over the X. I mean, I'm sure 8 year old girls will enjoy the Animoji, so what else is there? AR is cool, I guess, but not very practical.
  • Every way? Even the facial recognition? Go ahead....lie and say, "Yes". Lol.
  • At least i can unlock my phone with my fingerprint. Everything except facial scanning is better on the Note 8.
  • Yes...you can do that in the extremely inconvenient location on the back of the phone. I still smudge my camera lens on my S8 sometimes. Oh...and the camera technology on the iPhone X is much better than the Note 8. Please lie again and say it isn't.
  • You know this because you've seen both and compared then?
  • An understanding of the underlying technology and capabilities it offers tells you that much... But you can wait until November if you'd like verification.
  • This. I've only seen the iPhone X farceID failing to work at an event where Apple had total control over the environment. At least Samsung manages to get theirs working on stage.
  • Yea...they just explode when they get to customers hands... We can honestly end the comparisons and just judge the devices based on what the device offers. Both devices are awesome and we all need both companies to continue pushing the industry forward. I think its silly to deny the importance of Apple in the mobile device and technology space.
  • someone fell for the marketing spin
  • I'm typing this on my S8. I've unfortunately had more bugs on this device that is 4 months old than I've had on my iPhone 7 Plus, which is a year old. I've consistently used Galaxy devices and iPhone devices for the last 6 years. I don't fall for marketing spins. When a product proves itself I have no reason to doubt.
  • You mean the facial recognition that failed twice on stage and multiple times in the demo room after the presentation. There's also videos of portrait lighting failing as well because the room was too bright according to the Apple rep.
    You can have all the tech in the world but if it doesn't work then it's useless.
  • This is stupid. The demo failed once on a product two months from launch. And immediately you disregard it? Despite all the hands on videos showing it work just fine? Let's wait until November. Although I'm sure all the Android fans will find more to complain about while ignoring obvious flaws on the Samsung devices. Objectivity is lost in the tech world.
  • What about the journalists reporting it failing in the demo room then?
    Go read a few of the reviews that state there were quite a few missed unlocks, these are coming from sites that are very Apple orientated as well.
    My bad, I forgot it's Apple and it just works.
  • AppleInsider, iMore and 9to5Mac make no mention of what you're saying. What Journalists are you referring to?
  • Techradar hands on review, techcrunch also mention it. There's more if you look or do you need to be spoonfed everything like the typical Apple user?.
    Another question is why were all the demo phones set up for Apple employees, the journalists wernt allowed to test face I'd for themselves.
  • Spoonfed? I just mentioned three individual websites. I'm supposed to read every single website to find what you mention? The burden of proof is on you. Sounds like you're just another Apple hater who is unable to develop an objective opinion on technology. And it's obvious why the demo phones weren't meant to allow EVERY journalist to register their faces. You're not very bright are you? Do you realize how long that would take for everyone to get through? Do you realize how many people were there? And you want them to allow every one of them the ability to test the face ID? Lol...dude...
  • Even a Google search doesn't confirm what you're saying. It points to all the sites discussing the fail on the stage. Are you making things up to support your point or do you have a valid source?
  • Having all the tech in the world that doesn't work the best is literally what Samsung does best.
  • Good job I don't buy Samsung phones then.
  • I do. And I'm betting on Apple with this facial recognition tech and hoping it really pushes the envelope and forces Samsung to beef their efforts up. Because right now, I don't use any of that retina or facial recognition stuff. It's useless and inconvenient.
  • facial recognition on the iphone x is poor....
  • Let me guess. This is based on the demo? And you already assumed it's cometely poor? Despite the underlying tech being better than the Android offerings?
  • So should we assume it works great?
  • We assumed the Note 8 was great before we got our hands on it. With a track record like these companies have typically, I imagine their products work as great as they say unless proven otherwise. And the explanation of the technology involved definitely beats my S8.
  • Say what you want but Apple sure puts on a better show than any other mobile phone or software company. Love my Android phone but I'm not blinded to acknowlege what Apple has done. They did make some valid points today. I just wish we could have a customizable phone OS that is updated routinely for years. Unfortunately it seems we have to sacrifice one for the other still and I don't see that changing for Android.
  • They've got one phone to support. If Android was just the Pixel, we wouldn't be having the conversation
  • But it's not. So we are.
  • Exactly my point, so you've contributed nothing.
  • What? They are supporting 8 phones with iOS 11. The 5s is 4 years old and is still getting the latest update. It shouldn't be that hard for Android. I believe Google is only commiting to updates for 2 years even for the Pixel right? Most Android phones run on only a handful of different CPUs and GPUs. I don't expect Apple like updates but they could be a lot better in the Android world.
  • Are they supporting multiple OEMs? Nope. My point stands.
  • Its not google that is doing this...but the OEMS....Samsung, LG, etc.....THEY are the ones not pushing support...
  • 8 phones?!?! There are 1300 OEM's for Android and over 24,000 devices ... Man 8 phones must be really, really tough.
  • it's not the number. it how LONG they get supported. out of those 1300/24,000 only .01% will get ANY update at all, and ALL of them will be abandoned after 18 months. 1 or 2 OS updates on a select few Flagship $700+ phones.
    The rest will need to be tossed in the trash after a year
  • Plenty of counterexamples to what you assert.
  • But at least on Android you know they wont purposely gimp the earlier software to force an upgrade to a newer phone like on ios
  • Still gonna buy an iPhone X and maybe a pixel XL 2 if it is based on the LG V30. And maybe an apple watch, t mobile is only charging $10 a month for it and giving a few months free.
  • Well okay then, Rockefeller.
  • Meanwhile I'm just waiting on LG to not tell us when the V30 will be available and for how much.
  • I’ve always loved iPhones but they keep doing things I don’t like so I plan to switch to Android this year. I think what must people misunderstands about Apple is they wait till bugs are worked out of things before incorporating them into the iPhone. I know must features that iPhones have android has had for a couple of years but iPhones “just work” and that is why I have stuck around. My biggest complaint with android is why cannot google not make a messaging app that has a cross platform like apples messaging app with iMessages? Why can’t google integrate video calling directly into the phone app? I believe this is the two biggest things killing android, I have personally stayed with Apple because of these two features. I can’t wait until we have cross platform messaging that just works with the stock messaging app on all phones. Kinda like they did with msn messenger, yahoo messenger , etc back in the day. I don’t know a single iPhone user that use 3rd party apps to communicate on daily basis, iPhone users don’t want to download what’s app and try to convince their friends to download it to chat when they have iMessages however just about every android user you see has a 3rd party app for messaging
  • WhatsApp is very popular in other countries, people don't use iMessage much there.
  • Exactly why Google is pushing carriers to support RCS.
  • $1000 Nuff said
  • yep Note 8 is $1000 and will be software abandoned in 18 months.
  • I waited to use the Note 8 before buying it. I still have a fantastically performing Note 4 that my girlfriend has inherited. If the note 8 will last half as long as the note 4 Dead considering we are on eight now. I will be very happy with my purchase. I use Apple products every day at work(tablet and imac plus 1 of my phones beside S7edge) and I'm sick of them. When I use Apple products I feel like I am stuck in a limited box with lovely paint on it shiny and superficial. I am glad that Apple users now have access to some of what we have been using on Android for years it is only fair. Apple does market to hearts and minds before asking for money. The cost of the flag ship devices is insignificant as long as people stretch to buy.
  • I always describe use of i-devices as being on a leash or locked in a i-box.
  • Business is about great marketing. Mmmkay.... People.
  • The truth is that both Apple and Samsung needed their respective iPhone X and Note 8s to be hits. Apple share of the smartphone market has dropped to 13-14%, and Samsung is around 20%. Chinese competition, primarily in the Chinese market, has hurt both Apple & the Android leader, Samsung. Early signs are Samsung has a very big hit with the Note 8, and benefit of pent up demand (we all know the Note story). My guess is all the catch up features Apple has introduced : OLED, charging, bezel, & size is enough to retain repeat buyers. You know we are in a mature market when SO MUCH ENERGY & EXCITEMENT revolves around how the phone is securely unlocked and used. Gezuz... call clarity? display wonders? Reinvent the camera? Hell no... Stop the press... just hand over your money... When you look at the iPhone X it unlocks... C'mon.... the fever pitch in tech concerning how a phone turns on (because a four digit code or gesture swipe is so, so hard and time consuming) is ripe for a Saturday Night Live parody skit. Pun intended... At face value... with edge to edge display, form, power... Note 8 has 2x iPhone X RAM...( 6GB VS 3GB), and the customization of Android, the Note 8 wins...
  • We get it, you like Samsung.
  • What's not to like the note 8 an s8 checks all the boxes this year .
  • I own the S8 myself. Not knocking Samsung. In previous posts this person has down talked Chinese OEM's.
  • No offence to the Chinese phones... Perhaps I should respect the worldwide mobile market a little more... But none of the Chinese phones raved about here in Android Central are for sale through carriers in Canada or the US... Does that make me ethnocentric, or, lol, mobile centric? If I buy one... There is zero support and you are on your own. Do I trust the Chinese brands? At the risk of being fitted for a tin foil hat... I don't... I suspect they 'call home.' Chinese national mobile routing & ancillary 'back office' network systems aren't permitted for use by industry here either.
  • "Note 8 has 2X iPhone RAM" and yet the iPhone X will smoke the $hit out of the Note 8 in speed.
  • Really? I will wait until I have both devices in hand before I make a judgement like that and with actual software I use not a semi-transparent benchmark tests. I own a note 8 and I am sure at least one person at work will get their hands on the iPhone 10 soon. Power and speed when we talk about flagship phones is really silly at this point we are talking about blinking and not noticing what happened on either device first. For $1,000 people should be suing for false advertising if you're not left with a smile on your face after week one on either.
  • Nonsense. Either phone with cleared cache will be more than adequate... your carrier network the more significant variable. But open multiple applications... The Note 8 will be able to do more.... Or is there something about RAM fundamentals you either don't understand or deny? The Note 8 has twice the space for its CPU do do math... more things at once. C'mon man, RAM does not make a computer faster... it simply allows a computer to do more things at once. The truth is nobody knows if a Snap dragon 835 CPU or Apples A11 bionic processor is faster... Any test would be a false equivalency, as they run different software... But as I said, the Note 8 will be able to do more at the same time.... 6GB RAM is 2x more than 3GB.... Hope you enjoyed the grade 3 math lesson. The ability to have more apps open and doing stuff should save you mobile data because you don't have to open, then close & reload apps as often.
  • all the speed in the world means a lot less if you dont have much to do with it
    Apple can be faster because it is limited
  • Iphone x looks nice buttonless and with Sammy producing the screen it should be even nicer. Bout time they try something different. The x quickly makes its siblings look dated tho. With the regular x at $999 & 256gb x priced at $1149, apple needs to start including "innovative" accessories with these devices. Heck at least Samsung gives sd cards, vr headsets, cams, headphones etc.
  • lol, oh right... the Samsung OLED screens in the iPhone... So you are saying Samsung can't lose?
  • I've got my note 8 in hand an I'm enjoying the hell out of it . The iPhone X was never in play but after seeing the keynote ...meh I've seen these features before like 4 years ago . The iPhone fan boys an girls an some of the closet apple fans here on AC might think apple just reinvented the wheel. .....not face detection really ...come on Apple my galaxy s3 had that an it worked better then yours did on stage ...hehe
  • I am an iPhone user. I NEVER think apple invented the wheel...but they made the wheel run smoother, faster, and get better gas mileage than the android wheels.
  • Great article. Its hard to get any fair reviews in Apple products cause most reviewers are apple stock holders. Only apple can get away with these ridiculous upgrades. The iPhone x is what the iPhone 6 could have been. Any other company would be buried for releasing the same design for the last 3 years (like HTC did)and then having one that's different with a few extra features at a way more expensive price point. Goes to show you apples fan base are mostly blind followers and apple knows it.
  • Apple dorks. Lots of new inventions that have been available on Android for YEARS!
  • still the dumbest comment on the web today. "my droid did that first"
    android is know for throwing a bunchacrap at the wall to see what sticks and 99% of is terribly implemented and half baked and 99% useless for the first 2-3 years.
    Android / google / Samsung had mobile payments WAY before Apple, but it took apple showing them how to do it for mobile payments to go anywhere.
    Android messaging is an absolute train wreck, google has 16 messaging apps and none of them compare to iMessage.
    I love apple AND android. you people that think what phone you use defines you as a person are losing out.
    I have a windows 10 gaming rig, a Mac, an android phone, windows phone, iPhone, and a playstation, and an xbox and love ALL of it. stop being a fanboy that can't like more than One thing at a time.
  • I do agree with your statement regarding people being able to enjoy devices from multiple manufacturers without bashing the others. It is about the childish brand loyalty. blind that is the problem on all sides. There are good devices on all sides
  • So yea, let me tell you all about why I'm a fan boy then tell you all not to be one yourself.
  • I think a more appropriate name for Iphone x is Iphone Galaxy
  • "You don't need me to tell you this one Is as true as it gets. Cellular Android Wear watches are awful..." zGotta disagree with you there. Heck there's even a pretty acclaimed cellular smart watch running a 3rd OS... Tizen. The Gear S3 is pretty fantastic.
  • I'll call the cell phone (LTE) in a watch bogus. The LG Urbane 2 is a great watch and, wait for it, looks like a watch.
  • If only it had 2.0 (Verizon). It is getting tiring waiting on unfulfilled promises.
  • and it does 1/16th what the apple watch does. and has 1/1000th the app support
  • 1/16 ? can you list these things that the iWatch does that the Tizen or AndroidWare watches do not do or have not done for the past few years?
  • Why even bother? We all know these are facts and honestly they are coming out with 2-4 yr old tech today on their device claiming it to be revolutionary. This will never end and nobody will be able to convince an iPhone user otherwise...even the smart ones. On the other hand Android had really pissed me off with their fragmentation. Yes some of that lies on the carriers but still.....waiting on Android N on my phone and Wear 2.0 on my watch. I will probably have a new phone soon and it just does not seem like Alphabet cares about watches anymore.
  • No they are not coming with 2-4 years tech or you don't rememver what it was like
  • I love you for this article.
  • Didn't they claim that the iPhone X was the first AR enabled phone also, despite Asus releasing two Project Tango phones in the space of 12 months?
  • "The OLED panels in the S7, S8, and Note 8 have not only outperformed Apple's displays according to DisplayMate" DisplayMate is comparibg them to the 7 and 7 plus not the W! Should we fact check your fact checking? As far as the4k hdr apple tv, not a lot of peiple have a tv fully compatible yet so they were right even if it's a catch up feature
  • Watching that keynote was a bit painful as I watched it with friends at work who love apple and some who don't.
    It was a bit cringey at times just like all of the key notes these days Samsung included.
    They have great marketing strategy by trying to appeal to people at a personal level before sprinkling seeds their own perceived achievements patting themselves on the back at every turn and taking credit for many things as if simply renaming previous innovations made by other companies counts as something new because you now licence it for your own products.
    Well watching it I often wished I had a fast Forward button.
    The iPhone 10. Reminded me of an Essential phone with an overly colourful screen protector and touch wiz pasted on it. I am actually genuinely happy that iPhone users will now have a good screen like the rest of us have been enjoying for a while now.
    I am sure that the facial recognition call work better everytime or at least I hope it works better than it did so far.
    It is nice to the camera now has optical stabilisation like the Note 8.
    The Apple watch did not do anything for me as it looks too much like the first I watch and does what most have already been doing.
    It would have been far less annoying if they added the term "for us" after each claim for innovation because it is great. This is now the best screen on an Apple phone and the best watch available to Apple users and the best camera on an iPhone "EVER" . Now this would be true and something I would cheer too :-)
  • The iPhone is the most influential piece of technology we have seen. Is it the best phone now? Certainly not. Has it shaped the entire world in the past decade, absolutely.
  • When FaceTime launched, there were hardly any Video Chat Apps on Android and iOS, because there were hardly any Android devices (and no iOS devices) which had a FFC. When Apple introduced the iPhone 4, they also introduced the iPod touch 4th Generation - which also had a FFC. This allowed them to proliferate iMessage and FaceTime usage quickly. They also introduced FaceTime as a native app (and later, system component) on the Mac, which furthered this. Their strategy moving forward has been consistent and extremely reliable - now they have Continuity/HandOff with SMS/MMS Relay between their devices. In the same timespan, Google has run through a myriad of Messaging Options, and none have ever gotten to the level of polish and functionality that Apple's have, even if they lack a few features: Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google Hangouts, Allo? The first Video Chat Apps on Android were 3rd party Qik (consumed by Skype) and another app I can no longer recall. They all used proprietary vendor APIs to access the camera, because Android didn't have FFC support until later (Android 2.2/3?). The first Android phones in the USA with FFCs ran Android 2.1. The only Galaxy S variant which had a FFC was the Epic 4G (Sprint). HTC had the Evo 4G on Sprint with a FFC. If you weren't using Qik, then you ran into all sorts of issues with blank camera, upside down picture, green picture, etc. The cameras really weren't really usable, because Google lagged too far behind when it came to introducing system APIs to access these types of devices. Same thing happened with other technology. Google is always behind, and that's part of the reason why I wouldn't touch a Pixel. They're yesterday's phones with today's prices. When FaceTime launched on iOS (iPhone 4), Apple had proper APIs in the system for camera access. This means that both 1st and third party apps would access the camera, and it wasn't nearly as buggy as on Android. It "just worked." Additionally, iMessage and FaceTime uses Apple's back-end for content matching. You didn't need a 3rd party account to use them, you just needed an iPhone. iMessage also put both your IMs and SMS/MMS in the same thread, with a reliable fallback to SMS/MMS when the IM failed to send or be delivered. This all happens automatically. Android OEMs need to worry less about bloating their phones up with cheesy graphics designed for the Korean millennial female union and implementing features only 5% of their users will utilize. They need to focus on efficiency. Battery Life. Reliability. Longevity. MUCH faster and more reliable upgrades and longer support cycles. The iPhone 5s is getting iOS 11. It launched with iOS 7. That's going to be 4 (?) years of support by the next iPhones hit (assuming they drop support for it then, and they may not given the 6 has the same amount of RAM as the 5S). That's a huge selling point for Apple's devices. You get the updates on day one. It's like having all of the benefits of a Nexus or Pixel without any of the drawbacks. I don't want themes. I want proper long term support for these $800+ phones and a polished out of the box experience that respects my privacy. Apple's users won't care how many Fact Checks you do as long as Apple is delivering what they're looking for and Android is not.
  • Yawn, but thanks for the sleep aid. :-)
  • This is an awesome article! The apple fanboys can go to an apple site to believe in the lies and propaganda that apple sells! They do marketing and over priced under specs tech, period.
  • Say what you like about them. Every Android site and other phone platform forums are still all talking about the new iPhones today. That tells you everything you need to know
  • Nail hit on the head Dov1978.
  • Apple=it just works and works and works... and im a droind guy which at times dont work !!
  • What phone do you have? I'm genuinely curious because I have a motor g 2015 (sub $200 currently) and the device is legitimately trouble-less.
  • Nicely put. I would really really like to see a comparison between an iPhone X and an LG V30. I am expecting a major turndown for the fruity phone. OLED, my a** ... I had a real laugh at this, when I heard it. Just like their face recognition thingy. Ok, the 3D part about it is new, but honestly, I had face recognition already on my Samsung GS3, and that was one of the most awful smartphones I ever had BTW. So yes, Apple is all about bells and whistles ... like a balloon: big an nice to look at, but mainly surface ...
  • A better comparison is the Pixel phones vs iPhones. I keep reading comments comparing Samsung to Apple. I understand that Samsung has the biggest market share of Android phones in the US but it's not what Google originally had planned for the software for Android. I'm really hoping that the Pixel 2 blows Apple out of the water this year. Or at least gives people a good reason to choose them over Apple. Affordability and value are two main reasons I stick with Android. There are way too many other reasons to mention. My wife was actually considering spending $1000 on the X. I was like really? Her 6 is still going strong and she's been up for an upgrade for a while. But, if I'm looking at this from an iPhone perspective, what does someone gain by "upgrading" to the 8 or 8 plus from the 6? It's still a small spec jump. I talked her down from the X and into the 8 plus. Which I think she'll be happy with, other than the big size. The only thing I lust after on iPhones are their consistently good quality cameras and lag free, smooth os. But I hate trying to organize app icons and not being able to use widgets. Other than the face id, there's nothing on the X that I can't get using a $600-$800 Android phone, and then some.
  • I read most of the comments but I do sometimes get amazed at those forgetting about the pioneering that BlackBerry made in the smartphone arena. First app store, think I am correct with thinking of mobihand offering apps and themes, as far as chat, lets not forget about BlackBerry Messenger. No video chat i know but BlackBerry was the first in my opinion, they were just copied and yes I know BlackBerry functionality was greatly iproved upon by android and iphone.
  • I agree with most of this, except that the impact of the iPhone depends on your definition of "device." These days, when a tech person says device, they are typically referring to some kind of personal, consumer technology. And in that respect, no "device" has ever had the impact the iPhone had. That said, most of the marketing in the announcement was absolute garbage that only fooled Apple fanboys. And this coming from someone who has an iPhone 7.
  • Apple once led the pc industry. But started to charge prime monies for the computer. And almost went bully up.
    Hopefully it will not repeat it's own history with the iPhones.
  • How about that innovative and groundbreaking "control center" ? Why did they just not go all in and call them "i-widgets." The bezels are also hideous compared to the status quo these days.
  • Here we go again. Man, can anyone tell me whether they actually believe that one side will ever pull people over from the other side in any significant numbers? Ever? iOS is iOS and Android is Android. Each has strengths, each has weaknesses. People have generally settled into what they want to use and all this debate is fairly useless.
    The "iPhone is the most popular device" argument is inane. iOS has ONE phone: the iPhone. Android has hundreds of phones. Of COURSE the iPhone is the most popular device. If Chuck Taylors were only for men and the only kind of shoes men wore, while every other shoe style and brand was for women, then of course Chuck Taylors would be the "most popular shoe on earth". It's a meaningless statistic for a meaningless debate. Honestly, we all benefit from the competition. Apple users benefit from much of the invention that appears in countless Android devices...Android users benefit from the manufacturers bumping up the build and software quality to appeal to people who want solid devices. Yes, there will be people who move back and forth for whatever reason, but in the end the defection rate is likely very low. It will be interesting to see how folks really get along with the sacrifices Apple had to make on the iPhone X. They'll likely claim they weren't sacrifices at all, but I'd bet that next year the FPS will be back and the swipe-up gesture as a home button replacement will undergo a revamp.
  • I think you underestimate iMessage. It's a fantastic messaging platform that works across all apple devices seamlessly, and is baked right in to the SMS app. That alone will always make imessage superior. Not everyone is willing to download a 3rd party application like WhatsApp, for example.
  • Will be interesting to see what Samsung names the next Galaxy S series and Note in 2018, based on the naming of the iPhone X (ten).
  • Galaxy S(e)X
  • Hmm, Juan Bagnell says Apple helped pioneer portrait mode... Wait, what?
  • BBM was around long before iMessage.
  • Given that most of the features in the newest batch of iPhones are considerably new only to people who only use iPhones, it seems innovative to them, but not to most who aren't only aware the features exist but actually use them. I'll use the analogy again... Christopher Columbus and his followers thought they "discovered" a new country....with inhabitants. The so-called discovery was so profound, that for some odd reason people to this day still believe he was an innovator and gave him a national holiday lol. I do give Apple credit however for getting millions of people to believe what they're doing NOW is ground breaking. It was certainly ground breaking in 2007, but ten years later, not so much.
  • At one time Apple was an innovating hardware and software company. This isn't the case anymore. They have since switched gears and basically just become one hell of a marketing firm. They are living (and living well) off of the name they created for themselves about a decade ago. Between being able to "keep up with the Jones's" and having a great marketing team, they keep themselves relevant
  • I’m sure you have the relevant knowledge to make claims like that
  • It's not that apple doesnt invent stuff, they may not even claim to invent stuff. It's the luddite iPhone fans that dont follow tech and see **** on an iphone for the first time and go "Wow look at this cool thing they made! Apple is so inventive!" With no clue that the idea, and the tech has been on commercial devices for weeks, months or even years. That's why the joke "what's apple going to invent tomorrow" exists. Because that's how it seems. They say "look what we have for you" and the sheep gobble it up as if it's wheels made out of sliced bread.
  • Shouldn't this be posted on OS Central?
  • How the hell does someone touch software? Software isn't physical. It may be displayed on a physical touchscreen, but you still are not touching the software.
  • A word or two on the OLED thing. Apple speced out the display and designed it themselves. Samsung built it because that's what Samsung does better than anyone else. As a result, software can control each individual sub pixel independently for color correction and augmentation. No idea is this makes it greater, but it certainly makes it different.
  • Maybe it’s that up to now nobody was able to make quality panels in the numbers that Apple needs