Facebook Says NO to Android, Refuses to Develop App

Well, even if you're well intentioned and have no interest in "being evil", there are still petty corporate beefs that have us at Android Central a tad bit sad. There is word coming out that Facebook, of social networking fame, simply REFUSES to develop an app for Android. Yes, as cool as your T-Mobile G1 is right now, you won't be able to poke friends or update your status quite yet. Officially, maybe never.

The feud between Google and Facebook began with Facebook blocking Google's Friend Connect because of security issues and has now led to Facebook ignoring the Android platform. Having Microsoft in  cahoots with Facebook certainly doesn't help the Google relationship either.

Facebook has applications available for both Blackberry and iPhone users and from what we've seen, they're fairly good and useful. It'd be sad to see no Facebook on Android but hopefully some entrepreneuring developer can create a third party solution or Facebook will grow up and recognize the Android platform.

Either way we hope this doesn't mean we have to use MySpace again

[Into Mobile]

Casey Chan