You won't even notice Trusted face working in the background

Trusted Face Lock Screen

One of the best things that Google did when it "reinvented" Face unlock is that it hid most of it away. With Face unlock, every time you wanted to unlock your phone or tablet you would have to go through this process that took longer than just unlocking your phone with whatever type of lock screen security you had in place. The main reason it didn't work well is because your camera would take over your screen and if you didn't want to wait for it, you would have to exit out of the process and then enter your lock screen security. Additionally, the process of your device "scanning" your face took an extremely long time and usually failed due to poor lighting or it just not recognizing you.

This all changed with Trusted face. Now when you turn on your display and want to get through your lock screen security, you will see a little icon at the bottom of your screen. As soon as the screen turns on, the icon will change to the outline of a person. This means that your phone or tablet is using your front facing camera and trying to recognize you. The process normally does not take long, but it will continue to try to identify you for several seconds. If you are recognized as a Trusted face, the icon will change to a picture of an unlocked lock and allows you to swipe directly through to your phone or tablet. If your device can't figure out who you are, it will change to a picture of a lock and will require you to input your screen lock before entering the device.

From my experience using Trusted face, it works best when you have several notifications to go through. While you are looking through the emails and texts you have received since the last time you used your device, your phone or tablet will attempt to figure out who you are so that you can bypass your security measures. If you don't give your device enough time to recognize you, you will just have to input your password or whatever type of security your have to unlock your phone or tablet.