There's still a lot we don't know about the HTC Vive. We know it's being made in partnership with Valve, that it hooks up to your PC, and that it's meant to work in a full 360° environment with a realistic-feeling 90fps on the unspecified display inside it. We've not yet seen anybody wear it on their head or what it looks like on the inside, but HTC CEO Peter Chou did surprise us by at least pulling it out on stage at the Qualcomm press event. He was there to show off the Snapdragon 810-powered HTC One M9, but took the opportunity to show off the Vive as well (and we're really not sure why, except that he thinks it's cool).

So you can look at the press photos, sure, but this is what the HTC Vive looks like in real life. And our apologies for the blurring of the photos — Chou wouldn't stop waving the darn thing around.