The excellent Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is free today on Google Play Music

You have no reason not to download this right now.

Oh, you need a reason? You must not have seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet (you should fix that when it hits Google Play Movies, it'll be money well-spent). It's free music (at least in the US). In the meantime, here are just a few of the tracks in Awesome Mix Vol. 1:

  • Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede
  • Fooled Around And Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop
  • Come and Get Your Love by Redbone
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye

Seriously. It's free. Just download it now. Hit the preview buttons if you must. But really, just start downloading now.

Thanks to Brandon for the heads up!

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm (the old one), and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.