Ex-Google Mobile Product Manager Trashes Android? Not Quite..

Ulf Waschbusch, ex-Google Mobile Product Manager now at MySpace Mobile, was recently reported all across the interweb as trashing the T-Mobile G1 on his blog:

It's funny - but the first time I heard about Android was about 2.5 years ago, when Eric Schmidt told me about the device at Stanford after I got a job offer from Google (yet before I accepted it!). Since then I have seen many iterations of the software. The software. Not the device itself, because sadly it hasn't changed much in a while. (Not sure how long). The reason many people see the G1 as ugly and old-fashioned is simply… because it IS! It's a design unchanged for a while (it's now available in Zune-brown along with white and black). The hardware itself though went through many iterations I am sure, as it's top-notch (3G on AWS, GPS, 3MP autofocus camera etc.).

Is this a case of a disgruntled ex-employee mad at Google and Android? Well, not quite. He retorted to a lot of people who claimed he was just mad at Google by saying he loves Android, the Android Team, and everything at Google. His only beef? That the T-Mobile G1 looks a little bit dated.

Can't say that we don't agree with the guy..


Casey Chan