Everything you need to do before playing Marvel's Spider-Man: Turf Wars

Before heading into the second chapter of Spider-Man's The City That Never Sleeps DLC saga, it's best to finish a few things in The Heist first. Turf Wars is set to drop on November 20, and follows the villain Hammerhead.

You can pick up the complete package of The City That Never Sleeps for $24.99 on the PlayStation Store.

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Complete The Heist's main missions

Instead of releasing several unrelated DLC packages that can be played as standalone from one another, Insomniac opted to create a trilogy of stories that will contain one cohesive narrative in Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. Because of this, you will need to finish the first chapter, The Heist, before jumping into Turf Wars. The Heist sets up the story that will be picking up in Turf Wars, and you may find yourself confused as to what's going on without some knowledge of prior events.

Complete Screwball challenges

This isn't exactly a necessity, but it's a good idea to complete the Screwball challenges in The Heist as well, if only to give you a feel for what you'll be doing in Turf Wars. From the trophy list revealed, it appears that Turf Wars will generally follow the same structure as The Heist by featuring a handful of main missions along with various challenges across the city. Of these challenges, Screwball's will be returning in Turf Wars, whether you like or hate them.

Anything else?

Other than that, there's not too much that's a necessity before starting Turf Wars. It may be a good idea to finish the main campaign to unlock more suits and abilities, but so long as you've completed The Heist you should be good to go.

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