Eleven new games join OpenFeint army (Also: enter to win their holiday giveaway)

OpenFeint -- the gaming network that lets you compete against your friends on other platforms -- has added 11 new titles to its roster. They are (and links to go AppBrain, if available, or you can find them in OpenFeint's Game Spotlight app.):

That makes 158 or so games that are now OpenFeint-enabled. And if you download any of the above games between Dec. 23 and Dec. 25, you'll be entered to win one of two gift cards, or a Barnes & Noble Nook Color. Not too shabby.

Phil Nickinson
  • The aliens from Aliens require Brains look like the spawn of Sponge Bob and Krang.
  • Can't install Mega Jump on Droid Incredible. Says not enough space! I have over 500MBs of space left. Please HTC do something about this and stop blaming it on 3rd party apps and cache and app data. If the system tells me I have 582MBs of phone storage left and you tell me it is all available for apps then it should be all available. NO other phones are having this issue. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
  • Man, I was pretty disappointed in Finger Physics. It needs things to be sped up a bit. Refunded minutes after purchase, which is sad.