Bethesda promises to fix The Elder Scrolls: Blades balancing and rewards

What you need to know

  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a pay-to-win game in its current state.
  • Bethesda is aware of this and has vowed to tweak the title.
  • It'll be easier to acquire currency and powerful items in the future.
  • An upcoming update with story content will be revealed during E3 2019.

Between Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Bethesda is having a hard time delivering a balanced experience from the get-go. While the "AAA" open-world adventure was plagued with performance issues and other problems, The Elder Scrolls: Blades is technically polished on Android and iOS. However, it's loaded with pay-to-win microtransactions, underwhelming loot, and offers sparse rewards. On many occasions, you'll be forced to buy a legendary item for $10 because it's impossible to succeed in missions without acquiring better gear.

Bethesda is aware of how gamers feel about The Elder Scrolls: Blades, and has vowed to address the issue of balancing and rewards. The developer said the following on its website.

In this inaugural monthly edition, we will share new details on what's coming up for The Elder Scrolls: Blades. We can't tell you how much we appreciate the abundance of feedback you've given us since early access began. We want you to know that your feedback directly influences how we tweak, revise, and adapt the game to be a smoother experience. We've reduced silver chest timers to one hour, rebalanced direct purchase offers, increased gem rewards for daily and weekly jobs, and added support for more devices… But we have even more coming up in future patches.

Hopefully this will result in meaningful changes soon. You can read about some of the upcoming tweaks below.

  • Adjusting cost of repairing equipment: Repair costs are too high. The team is looking into ways to better balance how much it costs to repair items.
  • Abyss balance adjustments at higher levels: The endless dungeon mode is impossible to play at higher levels. Bethesda is actively adjusting that balance to be a more fun and fair experience.
  • Fixing job difficulty: Job difficulty indicators don't accurately represent difficulty. This will be fixed soon, and certain jobs should be easier.
  • Adjusting enemy difficulty: Some enemies are too high in overall difficulty, and are able to perform attacks too quickly against players. This will be fixed.

Bethesda is also working on a massive update with more fan-requested changes, like jewelry and additional story content. More details about this should be revealed during the company's E3 2019 showcase on June 9.

Do you play The Elder Scrolls: Blades? What do you want the developer to add or fix immediately? Let us know.

Asher Madan