It's kind of a dreary winter morning here today. (On the other hand, it's Florida and I'm wearing shorts and a T-shirt. So maybe not so dreary.) Regardless, maybe let's just keep things short with some quick hits, shall we?

  • This past week marked six years of doing this job full-time. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me for this long. (Good thing, too, cause I'm not planning on going anywhere.)
  • And one year now with a beard. I guess that's sticking around.
  • Fun little chat with Rene Ritchie this past week.
  • Folks are overthinking this. If you're launching a new high-end device from this point, it needs to have Marshmallow on it. No more complicated than that.
  • Good on Samsung to show the security patch level in its new Lollipop builds.
  • Its security website, however, remains a travesty.
  • Speaking of Samsung (but more so Oculus), Gear VR is pretty impressive. But probably not my thing.
  • I'm still on the Nexus 6P, and kinda missing the ease of Samsung Pay (thanks to the MST stuff). Too many places have those terminals that make it hard to tell if they take contactless payments. LoopPay was a great buy for Samsung.
  • Credit card hacking barely earns an eye-roll at this point. But hacking services for kids' toys? Chilling.
  • And a good reminder that you're probably using the same password somewhere. Don't.
  • Two weeks until Star Wars. I'm excited, I think. The wife and I are going to watch it alone, first, before taking the kids.

That's it for this week. If I don't get our Christmas decorations up today the kids are going to put my stuff on the street. Catch y'all Monday.