You're only as good as the people you work with. Or some other such platitude. But that's certainly true among us here at Android Central — there's no way this site would be what it is without the help of the folks, new and old, whose work you read here every day. That's true for Mobile Nations on a larger level as well. And so it's been an honor and a pleasure to have worked with our friends from Dallas, the fine folks of GeekBeat.TV.

I first met John P and Cali Lewis a few years ago on a trip to Detroit for General Motors — seeing what sort of was the precursor for the likes of Android Auto and Apple's Car Home systems. They served as hosts last year for our Talk Mobile endeavor — we recorded something like 30 videos over three days in a New York penthouse, if I remember correctly. John P and Kien Tran led the way for us with all the live streaming and production at the inaugural Samsung Developers Conference last November. And we took things to a new level in January 2014 with CES Live.

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On Friday I had the privilege of attending the grand opening of the Geek House — their new office/studio/secret robot lair/working space with the excellent URL of Such an incredible space. So much Star Wars. Many acts of nerdery. Check your favorite social network for #geekhouse. And be sure to hit up the GeekHouse site.

From all of use at Mobile Nations to our GeekBeat pals: Congrats! And thanks for letting us be a small part of it!

A few other thoughts on the week that was:

  • Jerry was the bad guy here so I didn't have to be, but he's 100 percent right. Smartwatches are just as dangerous in the car as phones.
  • We had a lot of fun looking back at the Nexus phones.
  • All I have to say about these "ZOMG the Moto 360 might be plastic and plastic sucks because metal is better never mind that the watch isn't exactly a secret" rumors is this.
  • You won't believe what this clickbaity website said about twitter feeds that spoil the clickbait. Clickity click click!
  • Allow myself to quote ... myself: Good headlines entice. OK headlines tease. Bad headlines trick.
  • Standing rule: If I'm in your town and you see me on the street, say hi! Especially if I'm with my wife and some of our best friends. They need to be reminded from time to time that I'm kind of a big deal. It's for their own good, really.
  • My wife just fell to the floor, laughing, after reading that over my shoulder.
  • Gawd, I forgot how much fun Austin is.
  • By the way, that LG G3 camera ... So. Good.
  • Tesla to triple production? This is a very good thing. I'm going to try for a Model 3 in a few years.

OK, that's it from Texas. Be back from the office this week. Stay tuned.