From the Editor's Desk

So it's been a couple weeks since we last chatted. Thank the cold rains in London and the allergens in Florida for that, I suppose. But here we are, back again. And things are about to get crazy.

I'm on my way to San Francisco today for the inaugural Samsung Developers Conference. Android Central is the official community partner for the event. And seeing as how Samsung's doing something new (by throwing this little party in the first place), we figured we'd step up our game as well.

So you'll be getting live coverage from us Monday and Tuesday. That includes not only liveblogging the keynote — but we'll be streaming it online as well. Plus, we'll have three hours of live video coverage on top of that. We'll be doing a couple live podcasts, and interviews from the conference.

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So join myself and Andrew Martonik. This is gonna be fun. It's all going down at

A few other thoughts runnin' through my head ...

  • Nexus 5 (and Nexus 10) and KitKat Watch — Day 363. (Halloween is looking good, BTW.)
  • No inside info or anything, but I'm betting on seeing devices ship in a day or two after the announcement.
  • I'm really curious to see if the Nexus 5 will break me from the Moto X. It'll probably come down to the camera.
  • I suppose it shouldn't be surprising, given our audience, but most of the folks installing the Android Central App these days are running Android 4.3.
  • Speaking of the AC app, we're starting work on another update. No ETAs or anything, but, yes, we've got things in store.
  • Aviate is really nice, but I still think I can predict what I want on my home screens better than an app. That's why I set up my home screens the way I did, after all.
  • But I'm also curious to try Cover.
  • I think one of the more telling things about BBM launching on iOS and Android — and it most certainly was a messy launch — is how difficult it can be to properly keep millions of users worldwide in context. More than 5 million downloads in two days, folks. 10 million by the end of the week. Think about that before you say "nobody's using it."
  • That said, I'm not using it.
  • And BlackBerry has done a pretty crappy job of convincing me that I need to use it.
  • Still seeing so many stories that confuse what Android actually is. It's not a "stock" launcher or skin. It's not Google apps. It's not a user interface. It's an operating system (or as Jerry says, 5 million lines of code) that lets you have all of those things.

OK, folks. The seatbelt sign is on. Catch y'all from San Francisco this week!