From the Editor's Desk

At some point in the final days leading up to the launch of the LG G4, you'll read words that read something to the effect of "Well, we pretty much know everything there is to know about this phone ..." It certainly won't be the first time such a line has been belched into a keyboard, nor will it be the last. (And I'm pretty sure you could search our fair site and find one of us — quite possibly a younger, greener Phil — committing the same sin.)

LG's modus operandi for some time has been to not so much announce a phone before it's actually announced, but rather to just sort of casually put it out there. "Oh, this thing? Yep, it's coming, and it's going to be pretty great." Then you get a few individual features and specs, and maybe some pictures. It's a really interesting strategy compared to the secrecy, pomp and circumstance that surrounds a major launch from Samsung or Apple, and to a lesser extent HTC, Motorola and others. (Though I think you can make the argument that it's damned near impossible for anyone making a phone to keep things completely secret anymore. There are just too many loose lips in the wireless industry.)

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But that doesn't mean we know everything there is to know about the G4. Not by a long shot. And we can demonstrate that by asking the following questions:

What's it feel like? What's it like to hold and use?


You don't truly know a phone until you've held it. And possibly until you've dropped it.

To me, those are the more important questions. And, really, the only answers that matter. So be sure to be around Tuesday when we answer them.

A few more thoughts on things:

  • I'm loving how much discussion is going on in our Android Auto forums. That's exactly what forums are best at — generating a community around a niche.
  • The question is how long until Android Auto (and Apple's CarPlay) isn't a nice product, but a required feature. It'll probably a few more cycles of car releases, but we're well on our way.
  • And speaking of Android Auto, I'm going to start writing something on it each Sunday. (If not more often.) So look for that each week. This week we'll start with the basics of the UI. (You can find all of our Android Auto stories here.)
  • I honestly don't know what to think about Project Fi. It's going to be an interesting experiment, for sure. And like Google Voice before it, it's one of those services that's going to be really hard to turn off.
  • HTC One M9 camera versus the Galaxy S6 camera proved what I pretty much suspected from the outset. It's not that the M9 camera is bad, it's just not that great at auto mode. And the GS6 is a generation or two beyond it.
  • The M9 is still a great phone though. Just not in all areas.
  • It still remains to be seen whether the Apple Watch is anything more than a smartwatch.
  • The question is how long the new-car smell lasts, ya know?
  • I still enjoy wearing a smartwatch. I'm still on the ASUS ZenWatch with that sweet $50 bracelet I got off Amazon. (See it in our review.) But I'm pretty stoked to finally use the LG Watch Urbane soon.
  • But it's still just a smartwatch, ya know.
  • It reminds me of that George Burns joke. "I love my cigar, too, but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while." (Burns was talking about ... something else ... but the point stands, I think.)

That's it for this week. Let's go to New York. See y'all Tuesday.