Phil Nickinson

No rest for the weary, so here are a few quick hits to start the week:

  • Developers rock: A late-night quip on Google+ about how there are some good Android apps with horrible scrolling has turned into a pretty awesome discussion about how things work. My point is that scrolling is one of those basic things that most of us (at least those of us who don't code for fun or money) take for granted, but it's also more difficult to do well than you'd think. The developers of Carbon and Tweet Lanes weigh in. (And you get some insight into what's taking Carbon so long to be release, if you're curious.) Check out the whole thread here.
  • CM10 nightlies: Remember me? The guy too busy to put anything custom on his Galaxy Nexus, a process that takes all of 10 minutes? Well, I just slapped the first CyanogenMod 10 onto the Verizon Galaxy S3. Only took three flashes back to stock (thanks, Odin!). Guess I'm a little out of practice. I've used the New TouchWiz for a month or so now. It's been a while since I've run a CM ROM. The biggest thing I'm missing thus far is a good camera app. Samsung's just has far more features. (So do all the manufacturers' camera apps, actually.) It's only been a day, but overall, I"m liking what I'm seeing.
  • Google Play gift cards: Finally! This is a big deal, folks. Because the music labels and movie and television studios presumably are involved, this couldn't have been simple as ginning up some redeemable codes and putting them in stores. Let's just hope things don't go sour after someone thought it was a good idea to share how to redeem codes that you're not supposed to yet have in the first place. Unzipping a Google Play apk to see what's what is one thing. Telling folks how to purchase things with money they're not yet supposed to have access to to is another thing entirely and crosses a line.
  • The other Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 event: Apparently our invitation to the second GNote 10.1 event was lost in the mail. Don't get us wrong, it was a fine press event. I just think Samsung missed a golden opportunity to have some bloggers teach those models and celebrities a thing or two. That and Kate Upton kept texting, asking us where we were.
  • The NFL returns: Preseason sucks, but, man, I can taste it.

TTFN. It's back to work I go.