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'Dots' game comes to Google Play, Amazon Appstore

Popular iOS game "Dots" is making the move to Android today, and its bringing with it a new game mode as well. Well-known and enjoyed for its simplicity, Dots has basic puzzle-style gameplay based on connecting dots with the swipe of a finger to build up bonuses and points. The standard gameplay gives you 60 seconds to connect as many dots and get the most points.

New to the game in its move to Android is a "Moves" mode, which gives you a limited set of moves rather than a limited amount of time. It's another way to think of the game that's a little more relaxed. The game is free in both Google Play at the link above, as well as the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire owners at the source link below.

Source: Dots (Amazon Appstore)

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  • I have just been playing this game, bloody addictive. I only stopped because I wanted to say thanks for letting me know about it. -------------
    Android Central: News and reviews but damn it, no booze.
  • Samee ⓖ◎◎ⓖⓛⓔ†ⓝⓔⓧⓤⓢ
  • Thanks and I am addicted now too.
  • Um, is the play store not working for anyone else? Can't update stuff and says error retrieving information from server. AC broke Google Play! Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm having the exact same issue right now, even YouTube wasn't working properly. Posted via Android Central App
  • Working again for me. Good luck. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah its working again for me too. Posted via Android Central App
  • It took one game and that's it, hooked. Not a bad little game at all.
  • Sooooo addictive!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Looks like 7x7!
  • I tried it but is it just one game over and over and no levels? Just different achievements? I tried it real quick and it seemed that way? Flow Free & Flow Bridges seem similar in concept of connecting and appealed to me more, but I'm a sucker for games like candy crush, slice it or quell that seem a bit more in depth. This looks like a good simple quick fun game though.
  • bopbop is better, because it has the Google Play Games service. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hmm having tried both I agree.. Posted via Android Central App
  • Agreed. Plus bopbop seems to play a little smoother. And I just like it better.
  • Reminds me of poppit, which was an old flash game I played years ago Posted via Android Central App
  • You can still play poppit! Posted via Android Central App
  • °_° that the P6 I see? ⓖ◎◎ⓖⓛⓔ†ⓝⓔⓧⓤⓢ
  • I played this game on iPhone and I think it is very bad port. No smooth. One week ago I found Squarge and I think Squarge is better puzzle game. Smooth and nice looking.
  • I think paths is better and we can actually buy different colour patterns and still the same power ups as this game.