Does Google collect too much of our personal info?

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Just about everyone has a Google account. If you use YouTube, Gmail, or just own an Android phone, chances are you've got one. A Google account is almost essential these days for doing anything online, but as we all know, a heap of personal data is collected and saved by the company.

This doesn't matter to some folks, but for others who want to keep their information as private as can be, it can be a heated issue.

A lot of the Android Central forum users got to talking about their thoughts on Google's practices of collecting so much user data, and this is what they had to say.

You got it almost exactly the same as I would have said it. Google collects a lot of data, but it's misguided to think that any other company isn't collecting the same data, or at least as much data as they possibly can. What the companies DO with the data once they have it is the important part, and Google and Apple are the only two companies that I'm aware of that are even trying to do things...


I don't consider my personal data important enough to be worried about companies collecting it, sharing it or selling it. As long as they pay taxes on that transaction.


Absolutely, Google and every other company is mining far too much personal information from their users. You know it is far too much based on what the company states it is doing with the information, especially targeted advertising. Whether or not you care about how much info they are collecting is probably a different question.


For me? Nope. I know what they collect -- I allowed it -- and I know what they do with it. Sure they allow 3rd party people to use it but by going through them -- therefore the 3rd party doesn't know who I am or anything. I find that the best one versus the others that say they will give to 3rd parties .. then who knows what they do with it.


There's a lot to be said on this topic, so we'd love to hear from you – Do you think Google collects too much personal info?

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