Does anyone miss phone bezels?

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Over the last couple of years, it seems like every OEM has been on a quest to get rid of phone bezels for good. From notches, hole punches, and even motorized pop-up cameras, we've seen a ton of innovation in this space to make displays on phones as big and bezel-free as possible.

As exciting as this has been to watch, it does raise a question — does anyone actually miss the bezels of old?

This is something some of our AC forums members recently started talking about, and this is what they had to say.

The notch and punch holes are the worse things to ever happen to the cellphone. These two companies hoodwinked everyone into believing this trash was a good thing. The structural integrity of a phone with no bezel is garbage. One drop with bezels cracks a screen, with non, it destroys your screen. That leads to new phones. They needed to get the numbers up since sales dipped. They...


One drop , is same for bezels and thin bezels , I use Dome glass screen protector and no issues drop couple times with good case, but I understand everyone wants something different that's why some manufacturer offer few different version , flat screen,curved,tall ect.


I don't mind bezels or no bezels. What I do wish came back was aluminum backed phones. Makes the phones feel tougher to me. Wireless charging is the least important thing to me. Also the drop really is the same for bezels or no bezels as it's all still glass covered. Now the curved edges... Not a fan. Still I feel people are justified in saying Pixel phones don't have that wow factor when...


The future is no bezels. It's the way it is. All screen with cameras hidden under them just like finger prints are under right now. It's where the advancement in technology is going. Has nothing to do with breaking and more sale. Put a case on the phone and it won't matter if it had a bezel or not. Things evolve. It is just how the world turns. Phones not going to have bezels for long. Google...


What do you think? Do you miss phone bezels?

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