Do you prefer wide-angle or telephoto cameras?

Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4 (Image credit: Android Central)

Google recently announced its new Pixel 4 smartphone, and it brings a lot of big upgrades with it — most notably dual rear cameras. Google's making big claims for the 16MP telephoto camera on the phone, but a lot of folks were disappointed in the company's decision to use a telephoto lens instead of a wide-angle one.

As you might have guessed, that's resulted in an even bigger debate about these two types of sensors.

Telephoto's great for getting up close and personal with subjects that are far away, but for a lot of folks, wide-angle is both more useful and fun to use. Here's what some of our AC forum members have to say on the matter.

I've had phones with both and I found the ultra wide angle way more useful than a telephoto. I guess depends on the type of photo taking you tend to do. Mine is mostly travel photography (landscapes, cities, architecture etc).


The wide angle is what kept me with LG for so many years. Was so useful. Particularly when taking photos of people like at parties or dinner. Easy to fit everyone in without having to walk back 10 feet. But like others said..........why not both? Why omit something that most other flagships have.


Haven't used telephoto ever and 2x optical is near useless when all telephoto cameras are what 20-30x these days Wide angle is a wide angle, that's why wide angle camera cost way more then telephoto. Google's reason telling people They think telephoto is more important is obviously BS. The only reason they didn't include it is money, save some now and dont have to innovate in the future, it...


I don't know about others but I don't think it's a knee jerk reaction for a lot of people. Wide angles are very useful depending on what you like to photograph. I find you can often move closer to something but it's often harder or impossible to back up to take group or landscape shots. Having 3 lenses gives you everything.

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