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The Pixel 4 is the first major Android phone to take face unlock to the next level. It's insanely fast, considerably more secure than past implementations we've seen from other companies, and even works as an authentication method for applications.

Face unlock on the Pixel 4 works shockingly well, but that last draw to it has yet to see its full potential. App developers need to support Android's BiometricPrompt API in order for face unlock to work with apps, and so far, the rollout has been rather slow.

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Taking a look through the AC forums, here's what some of our members have to say about the Pixel 4's face unlock.


If apps don't adopt this tech it's going to be a deal breaker for me. I really hope app updates are around the corner to support it.


Yeah this is going to be a pain. So many apps that use it and now will have to type out passwords when I never did anymore with the finger print.


For me main app is LastPass and looks like from what I have heard LastPass supports Pixel face authentication. Others I'm not worried since I use autofill from LastPass. So personally LastPass is the only app I care about.


What about you? Do you like the Pixel 4's face unlock?

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