Discord's new feature mutes the world to make voice chat better

Discord Dark Mode Macbook Pro
Discord Dark Mode Macbook Pro (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Discord is rolling out Krisip.ai integration in its Android app.
  • Once enabled, users will be able to make clearer voice calls with background noise suppression in tow.
  • Krisp integration came first to Discord's desktop app.

Discord wants to be a better app for your voice calls. The company already added background noise suppression to its desktop app, but now it is bringing it to mobile phones.

In a partnership with Krisp.ai, Discord has created what's effectively a virtual microphone that screens out all non-human generated noise. There'll be no barking, no keyboard typing, no crying children, etc. audible on your calls all while this is enabled. You could say it's keeping your voice calls crisp and clear.

"Krisp uses machine-learning magic to filter out anything that isn't a human voice," Discord explained. "When connected to a voice channel, just enable the sound wave icon to filter out background noise and voilà. No matter what's going on around you, your voice will be crisp and clear."

Here's how Krisp's noise suppression will work in practice.

Demand for voice and video calling has only grown as we remain socially distanced during the coronavirus pandemic, and technology like Krisp will help us stay clearly connected as we exist in noisy, lively environments. This update is rolling out to Discord mobile for both iOS and Android.

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Discord offers traditional messaging and group functionality for communities, but it can also be used for carrying out voice and video chat — the latter of which are enhanced by Krisp.

Michael Allison