Digital Embers Live Wallpaper [Live Wallpaper Review]

I've got to admit, ever since Google unveiled Honeycomb, with its TRON-like interface and emphasis on hexagons, I was hooked on that style. Something about digital honeycombs looked so cool to me, and as a result, I absolutely fell in love with the Digital Hive Live Wallpaper. D'Keesto has been keeping up in the wallpaper space, bringing us another entry in his "digital" line of live wallpapers, this time in the form of Digital Embers.

Digital Embers doesn't act like typical embers (bouncing around erratically and whatnot), but instead travels across the screen, usually left to right (or vice versa), igniting larger shapes from which the smaller embers radiate off of until the fade into nothingness. It's visually appealing as all getout (especially if you're easily entertained like yours truly), and if you touch anywhere on the screen, that area lights up with activity.

Hop into the settings menu and you'll see the wide variety of things you can tweak to really perfect your embery experience. There's options for your tile shape, spark shape, number of sparks, and spark color mode. You can also pick your colors here, using either single colors, colors based on battery level, or colors based off of the charging/discharging state of your device.

You can also alter how much the screen lights up when you touch a specific area and also give the wallpaper leeway to simulate screen touches (even if you're not), just to keep things interesting.

Overall, Digital Embers Live Wallpaper is great, as I'd expect from D'Keesto. It runs incredibly well, to the point that I'm not seeing any​ performance issues when swiping back and forth between screens on my old, archaic Tegra-2 tablet. (The horror!) If you're the type to venture into live wallpaper space and like what you see, I'd definitely suggest giving Digital Embers a shot.

Digital Embers Live Wallpaper is 99 cents in the Google Play Store. We've got screenshots, video, and download links after the break.

Joshua Munoz