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Developer claims Google pulled PSX4Droid, offers free downloads

We reported in late March that popular PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid had been pulled from the Android Market in an almost Apple-like manner, and now the developer has fired back. ZodTTD has decided to host .apk downloads right on his own website and has also made the app free for anyone to download. In addition, it seems Google has placed some holds and restrictions on his developer account, which is making it difficult for him to put more apps on the Market and profit from others he already has.

This entire episode as a whole has not been good for the Android ecosystem as being free of Apple's arbitrary restrictions on applications in its own AppStore has been one of the incentives to develop apps like emulators for Android. There are legal uses for emulators and the ROMs they run so it makes the issue even more confusing. In the meantime, ZodTTD, might we suggest the Amazon AppStore? [ZodTTD via Engadget]

  • I love the principles behind googles open system, but no matter who you are or what you advocate- if you provide, approve, or acquies to violation of some corporate IP- you are going to get served (legally). It's an inherent risk/reality of such behavior. Right of wrong, people want to avoid litigation if at all possible. Pulling the app from the market now will likely avoid millions of dollars later in legal fees.
  • My biggest problem with this is this. The developer had this app on the market for a while with no hitch. Then Sony comes out with the Sony XPlay. Then they pull it. No seniority at all in this case. I'd put money down that Sony dumped cash into google's pocket to have them pull this app. meaning people have to buy a XPlay to get PS1 games on their handset. Total bullsh!t in my book. Then they turn around and freeze his account on the Google Market because they don't like the way he is handling it. strike 2...
  • Firstly, this got pulled because of the "PSX" in the name, sony has that trademarked. Secondly, not only is the software buggy as all get out, especially compared to FPSe(which is still on the market)but he hasn't updated it in ages, not to mention the last time he did update he charged extra for the update itself. That issue aside, while in principle providing it free now on his site is a good move, free crap is still crap.
  • i like the analogy, lmao
  • it has nothing to do with the "PSX" in the name. Sorry. You've got "wal-Mart" and "WalGreens". Both of them have "wal" in the name and neither one is going at each other throats. And the whole "appstore" v. "Amazon Appstore" debate looks like it's going far....burger king v. Fat burger v. five Guys burgers v SmashBurger...i could go on and on. regardless of it's crap or not it still has nothing to do with the name.
  • That's probably the worst single analogy I've ever heard in my life. Wow! Wal-Mart vs. WALgreens? Seriously? Sony has trademarks on the name wal-mart doesn't have trademarks on wal. Burger King doesn't have trademarks on burger. Let's be realistic here not just make stuff up to sound more educated then we actually are.
  • It doesn't sound like you understand anything about anything. Not only do you not "know" it has nothing to do with the name, but you don't even understand the concept you are trying to explain with your incredibly poor analogy. Sorry.
  • Eh, at least I get it for free now ;p
  • From news articles in trade journals, Sony has attempted on more than on occasion to serve this developer with Cease and Desist notices regarding this app because it infringes on their trademark. Since the dev never responded, Sony went the next legal and logical step to protect their trademark, which was to ask Google, who was hosting the app, to remove it.
  • It don't even work, I installed it on my Evo and it FC's all the time, when u go to settings and hit keyboard settings it crashes. Launch a game, it stalls then crashes. This is the most unstable version and it has adds. Well my paid version didn't have ads but since this is free, well whatever, its a POS. Lol had to get that off my chest.