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What you need to know

  • Quest December v35 update brings along half a dozen new features and has begun rolling out starting November 30, 2021.
  • Cloud backup for save files is now enabled in this new version, which will automatically back up any game saves you have on your Quest.
  • Multi-user support is exiting beta, Facebook Messenger can now be used for calls in VR, mixed reality camera makes it easier to stream your VR gaming sessions, Horizon Workrooms features more customization, and more web apps (PWAs) are now becoming available.

Exactly one month ago, Meta announced that cloud save backup would be coming to the Quest and Quest 2 in the coming weeks. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait very long for this feature, as it's now rolling out alongside the v35 December update for both headsets.

That more or less solves the conundrum of whether to pick the 128GB or 256GB Quest 2 because, before this update, save files were directly tied to the game's own files. This meant that if you were to uninstall any game from your Quest or Quest 2, you would also lose your save files.

Quest Cloud Save SwitchSource: Meta

This update will now automatically back up all game saves from your headset onto Meta's cloud systems, meaning you can finally install Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on a 64GB Quest 2 without uninstalling all of your games.

In addition to what was probably the most-requested feature for the Quest platform is Multi-user and app sharing support, which is now exiting beta and will now be available in the regular Quest settings menu. Folks using a single headset in their household can now share games without having to share a single account. Just have everyone else that uses the Quest log in with their Facebook account, and everyone will have separate profiles.

Additionally, all secondary accounts are able to share a library with the main account on the headset. That means you can use multiple accounts per headset without having to buy multiple copies of the same game.

Quest Multi User SettingsSource: Meta

Facebook Messenger support now includes the ability to make calls over Messenger in VR, making it easier to communicate with everyone in your life without taking off your headset.

If you find yourself working in Horizon Workrooms or using Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) like Instagram, Facebook, or others, you'll be pleased to know that both features are getting notable updates in this release, as well. Workrooms now includes more customization that can be made to your workspace, and even more PWAs are now available through the Oculus store.

Lastly, in this release is the addition of the Mobile Mixed Reality Camera. This feature is currently iPhone-only and needs an iPhone XS or above running iOS 11.0 or higher. With this new ability, the camera feature in the Oculus app gets a massive upgrade, making it possible to show your entire body in VR using spatial awareness technology. VR streamers, in particular, will likely be thrilled with this new feature as it requires no additional equipment to make it work.

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The 128GB Quest 2 model is double the storage of the original at the same great price, opening up the path to install dozens of games without worry. It's hassle-free VR in every single way.

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