CyanogenMod to integrate WhisperPush secure messaging

Encrypted SMS between any devices running CM or the TextSecure service hitting CyanogenMod builds soon

TextSecure is a service for Android and iOS that offers complete encryption and secure messaging between devices using it, and by all accounts it's a great service for those that need it. Security is important, and some people have a need to know that the only person reading their messages is the person they are addressed to. 

The only issue with TextSecure is that you're required to use the application itself to handle your messages. This is where the folks at CyanogenMod want to step in and change things. By building the service into the operating system itself, users should be able to use any messaging app and still enjoy the encryption WhisperPush has to offer. Messages sent to any device running a compatible version of CM, or any device running the TextSecure app will be able to hold a completely secure session. That's pretty slick.

The service is hitting the 10.2 nightly builds tonight, and after testing and seeing how the servers act with the extra load, WhisperPush will be enabled in CM 11 as well.

Source: CyanogenMod

Jerry Hildenbrand
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