Cyanogen's MOD integrations explained and the global expansion of IDEAA events

In case you missed it, we recently sat down with Big Android BBQ creator and IDEAA President Aaron Kasten to talk about all of the developer/enthusiast hybrid events happening around the world this year. We talked a little about March of the Droids in Edinburgh, the Big Android Meat and Greet/Code Kitchen in Virginia, and a way to win some Udacity scholorships by participating.

We were also joined by Cyanogen's Ed Mancebo, who answered some questions we had about the new MOD system. For the uninitiated, MOD makes it easier for Cyanogen software partners to embed features in Android so they feel more native. This makes it so more apps can feel as embedded as Google Now or your default dialer app, and if more developers jump on board with this program it could be a really big deal for folks who want to create their own experience.

Here's the full Hangout on Air so you can hear all the details yourself. If you're planning to attend either of these events, be sure to shout out in the comments below!

Russell Holly

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