From Cupcake to Froyo: The past 18 months of Android

With Google I/O now over, the folks over at Android Tapp created a visual representation of the ground that has been covered in the short 18 months of Android's life, using statistics given during the keynote addresses.

  • Google rapidly produces updates to the Android platform; often times OEMs and carriers struggle to keep up with software updates for consumer devices. Many factors attribute to this like phone processor limitations or custom user interfaces.
  • Android is first in total Web & App usage in the U.S. and second in smartphone sales behind RIM’s Blackberry.
  • More than 1 billion miles have been navigated with Google Maps Navigation.
  • Google experienced a 5x growth in mobile search (from 2008-2010).
  • Last month we told you Google was seeing more than 60k daily activations, that number has now jumped over 100k.
  • There are 60 compatible devices, 59 carriers, 48 countries, and 21 OEMs supporting Android.
  • Android has more than 50,000 Android Apps with more than 180,000 developers.

With a spectacular 18 months behind us, Google still plans to "blow our minds" with the next six! [via Android Tapp]

Dallin Hampton