The Croods

Right on schedule, Rovio has just released its latest game "The Croods" into the Play Store to coincide with the upcoming release of the DreamWorks movie. In the game you get to play as the characters of the movie, getting through your prehistoric world, hunting and gathering to survive. The gameplay will remind you a lot of recent casual RPG games, with "chores" (quests) to go on and an expanding world that you can manipulate. It'll be good fun for those who want to kill some time and play as the characters from the movie.

The game is free -- as is the case with recent Rovio titles -- and there are some in-app purchases to generate revenue, but that's usually the tradeoff when you have a free game with no ads. The Croods is available from the Play Store at the link at the top of this post if you're interested in giving it a try.