Coronavirus keeping you from going out? Let these 10 lighthearted PS4 games distract you.

Untitled Goose Game
Untitled Goose Game (Image credit: House House)

2020, we thought you would be better! Most of us are stuck at home right now, but we at least have video games for a little escape. Enjoy a reprieve from the stresses of life with these 10 wonderfully light-hearted, and funny games. They might just brighten your day, and maybe even remind you how to find joy in the little things.

It's not all bad

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It can feel like an endless bombardment of bad news and negativity any time we look at social media or read the news. It is important to stay informed on events and get proper information on the coronavirus but when stress levels keep rising, you also need to take breaks. It can feel even more difficult to do that when you're stuck at home. Luckily there are games to help!

Untitled Goose Game is a great way to release some of that built up energy and frustration. Let all that negativity out on the poor townsfolk — it can be quite cathartic. Be your best goose and do all the goose things. After all, those no goose signs are simply rude.

At the moment, Yaga is a personal favorite distraction of mine. The dark sense of humor may not be as lighthearted as some might need but the upbeat soundtrack and humorous dialog will keep your mind in the game. But, for those looking to get a more traditionally happy story, calm gameplay and overall chill experience, look no further than Stardew Valley.

Kelly Peirce