Continued Conversations rolling out to Google Home Hub and other Smart Displays

Google Nest Hub sitting on a window sill
Google Nest Hub sitting on a window sill (Image credit: Android Central)

Smart Displays, like the Google Home Hub (opens in new tab) and Lenovo Smart Display (opens in new tab), are great. They're helpful smart home gadgets and one of our favorite ways to interact with the Google Assistant, but since their debut last year, there have been some missing features compared to their screen-less smart speaker counterparts — one of the most notable being Continued Conversations.

However, as confirmed by Google to Android Central, Continued Conversations is finally coming to Smart Displays. Continued Conversations is rolling out over "the next few days" to all Smart Displays powered by the Google Assistant in the U.S. that are set to English. Similar to smart speakers, this is an optional feature that users can opt in and out of.

I first spotted Continued Conversations on my Google Home Hub, and to no surprise, it works just like it does on other Assistant speakers. After saying a "Hey Google" or "OK Google" command, you can make a follow-up request without having to say "Hey Google" / "OK Google" every single time. On Smart Displays, a small Assistant icon appears in the upper left corner to let you know it's still listening.

Are you seeing Continued Conversations on any of your Smart Displays? Let us know!

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • One of my Hubs started working yesterday... for about 5 mins, then had me convinced I was crazy when my other hub and Lenovo Smart Display wouldn't work with Continued Converstaion. I returned to the Original one and it no longer worked.... I thought I was losing my mind. Great feature that I've been missing!
  • Hilariously, this video triggered my Home Mini. It then proceeded to tell me that it couldn't verify my voice and therefore could not share calendar information. 😁
  • Not just displays, it works on Insignia now too
  • I wish they would fix the call feature instead of continued conversation... But I'm always glad for any improvements
  • I just checked and apparently they have fixed the calling option... My smart displays were able to call again and not just do duo calls
  • My 8" Lenovo Display definitely has it up and running... It caught me off guard, I said thank you to it (not expecting it to respond) and it told me you're welcome.