We've seen that Koush, the application developer and Android hacker everyone knows and loves, is working on all sorts of cool stuff for the Chromecast he picked up. We're glad, because who better to crack it wide open and see what it can do than Koush, amirite?

Early this morning on Google+, he showed off his latest project, which will allow any audio or video file to be streamed casted to your TV using a CyanogenMod-powered device and the Chromecast dongle. In his demo above he shows it off using the Twit.TV app, but he explains that the process should be the same for any media you can play through any app.

Right now, details are a little sparse, but we do know that he's coded the functionality right into the OS using framework extensions. CyanogenMod is open-source, so we'll be able to see exactly how it's done once completed and any pesky Developer Preview SDK agreements are finished.

We have to wonder — if it's this simple (no disrespect intended to Koush's hard and clever work), will Google be adding similar functionality right into Android in the future? Or will the copyright holders keep that from happening?

Source; +Koushik Dutta