Chrome Remote Desktop becomes stand-alone Chrome app

Remote desktop apps provide the ability to access other computers, or your own, without needing to be in the same location as the computer. Thanks to Chrome Remote Desktop this access can be done through a Google Chrome app. With Chrome Remote Desktop users can, regardless of platform, establish short-term or long-term connections between two devices. These connections can be used for a variety of purposes, like providing user support or accessing your programs and files from a different location.

Access codes are used to ensure that the connections are fully secured and that the connection is with the person you are expecting it to be. With Chrome Remote Desktop now a Chrome app you can open as many connections as you want, and utilize the app in a fullscreen mode. Additionally it can be added to your shelf, dock, taskbar, or even desktop so it is always there when you need to access it.

Source: +FrancoisBeaufor

Jared DiPane
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