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Chrome extension allows for downloading of Android apps from Market to desktop

For those who know their way around the insides of an Android smartphone, pulling the apps off the device in their .apk form is a pretty trivial exercise. (We showed you how to do it many moons ago.) Now, thanks to a clever developer and a Chrome extension, you can download Android apps to your computer straight from the Android Market -- no smartphone acting as a middle man.

The trick is to install redphx's APK Downloader Chrome extension, turn off SSL error notifications, and then set a cookie for your Android Market e-mail and device ID. (Which means you need to be giving that sort of info up to the dev's cookie.) From there, you go to an App in the Android Market, hit the icon that now appears in the Omnibar, and download away. We've tested it out, and things work as advertised.

All that said, we've got no idea how Google's going to feel about this, but we imagine the Android Market doesn't have this sort of download capability in the first place.

We've got some demo video after the break if you want to see what you're getting into.

Source: code kiếm cơm blogThanks, redphx!

Youtube link for mobile viewing

  • But doesn't this mean you can pull a paid Apk and share it with non paying people?
  • Yes, but it will not work because the paid apps check the market to see if they were actually paid for in the market. I don't know if that's how it works with 3rd party app stores but that's the way the market works.
  • I don't think that's true. I think they can be installed, but will not update.
  • This is all great! I've been using desktop Chrome since incept. Only one problem.... I'm running stock and rooted Gingerbread! Hurry up official ICS! No more roms....
  • You can install and run but no updates will be given. If you want to update you have to buy it. I have done this with several apps with a buddy of mine. Some work for both of us some don't and get deleted. A good way to test it out us the way I see it. Out of the minimal times done I have bought 4 of the 5. The 5th didn't make the cut therefore bye bye.
  • Some do work, but the vast majority use the built in security checks to make sure it has been purchased through the Google account you are signed in with. There are ways around it, but they are lengthy, involve a whole tonne of decompiling and editing, and are way over my head :P
  • It's best to spend the few bucks and support the developers. I know I do whenever I see a quality android app. Just to help out!
  • I would help out more if the return window was more than 15 minutes.
  • I share apps amongst my 13 android devices. There are no apks that check authentication of market purchase. Unless it requires an unlock code for activation. Better keyboard as an example. one issue you may run into compatibility set by the developer. Verizon does block many market apps for there phones. Side loading is one way around that. I reccomend using astro file manager to extract apks to share them. when an apk is downloaded from the market the APK actually is saved in a root directory then it is used to install. astro locates this apk and places it in public folder /Backups/apps. Here u can email them or access as a disc.
  • Er, why?
  • So just to be clear, there are no security vulnerabilities by typing my username and password into this cookie, right?
  • Solved a problem I thought insolvable. I'm a member of Touring Club Italiano (kinda like Italian AAA). They recently published a free app, "Touring in viaggio". Problem was the Market identified my Canadian service provider: "This item cannot be installed in your device's country". APK Downloader worked like a charm.
  • i cant find this in the extensions??
  • me either ..wheres the dl link?
  • If you follow the posted link to the dev's site, he explains why he took it down, i.e. didn't realize it could be used to pirate paid apps. Probably read the comments here.
  • Fracking people. I really wanted to use this to get various apps that weren't allowed in Canada on to my phone. I'm one of those that loves to actually pay and support developers. Why are Android users such damn thieves?
  • I have the file saved, and I'm sure hundreds if not thousands of other people will have it saved on their computers as well. I'm sure XDA has it for download along with the instructions right now if you check. Unless of course the creator has made it stop working by doing something on his end to make that possible, I don't know.
  • So could you send you send it to us or post it in the forurms?
  • Hi, seems like you don't need me anymore since the original creator updated his page yet again. He will be re-adding an updated version of this file if you go back and click on the same link above. Also here's a thread talking about the program on XDA, may want to give it a look see.
  • Please just support the app developers.
  • I've found you can do the same thing when you install a app. When you download an app from the market, my tablet now asks me if I want to use the installer or use BOX. If I choose BOX, it will upload it for me as an .APK for later retrieval.