ChowNow adds Google Wallet support to thousands of US restaurants

From today, all ChowNow restaurant apps have been updated to include Google Wallet functionality, something that could prove to be both difficult and costly for said independent establishments to implement on their own.


Now, when ordering through any ChowNow restaurant apps, customers are able to hit a purchase button to connect to Google Wallet, as opposed to manually entering card details for payment. It's yet another move by Google to better position its Wallet service to compete against Apple Pay.

Google announces Wallet partnership with ChowNow restaurants

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ChowNow, the online ordering and marketing platform for restaurants, is proud to announce a new partnership with Google that brings Google Wallet to thousands of independent restaurants across the United States. As of today all ChowNow restaurant clients' ordering apps have been updated to include Google Wallet at no additional cost, and all new restaurant clients will receive it as a standard feature.

"We continue to uphold our mission of helping independent restaurants compete with larger chains by providing them with technology that would be both difficult and cost-prohibitive for them to build themselves," said Chris Webb, CEO of ChowNow.

The addition of Google Wallet benefits both restaurants and their customers. Rather than manually inputting their credit card number and billing address, customers with an Android phone can simply tap the "Buy with Google" button. As a result of the added convenience and reduced ordering times, restaurants should see increased order volumes, and hence a more profitable to-go business. With 70 million Android phones currently in use the addition of Google Wallet has broad appeal.

"In addition to increased convenience, Google Wallet also offers an extra layer of security to both consumers and restaurants," says Webb. With Google Wallet Fraud Protection 100% of verified unauthorized Google Wallet transactions in the US are covered. "At ChowNow we pride ourselves in strengthening the relationship between our restaurant clients and their customers, and now that relationship is stronger and more secure than ever. This partnership is a win for everyone involved."

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  • What's ChowNow? Obviously it's a restaurant but I live in lower NY and have never heard of or seen a ChowNow.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Android Central writes more than just headlines. Posted via Android Central App
  • ChowNow isn't a restaurant. They're a service that provides online ordering for restaurants. Typically they cater to independently owned restaurants that don't wish to bother with developing their own online interface or apps.  
  • oh, I never knew that. So it's like seemless? Yay! Another way to get fat lol
  • Ahem... Busting at the "seems." LOL
  • i can't find a ChowNow on the Play Store. Is this just a reprint of a press release for an app that hasn't gone public yet?
  • ChowNow provides custom apps branded with the restaurant's name, so it wouldn't appear as "ChowNow" in the Play Store. The apps would be listed as the restaurant's own app.  
  • Is there a listing of participating stores? Oh yeah, that Screenshot does not belong on the GS6. Rooted LG G2.
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  • Not that I've seen. But then too, I only made a cursory run through the ChowNow website. 
  • Love it! Now Grubhub (which does support PayPal) and BeyondMenu need to follow suit! Posted via the Android Central App
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