Chomp aims to make finding Android apps easier

When speaking of Android applications, one thing that always seems to ring true for new and old users is that the Android Market does very little in the way of helping users find new apps. Although some changes have been made recently to the UI and structure of the Android Market, finding the right app to suit your needs still remains a bit of a task. The ability to discover new apps just isn't quite where it should be for most users, and that's why we do lots of software reviews and share the apps we're using with you all.

Our reviews won't stop, nor is the Android Market is likely to change overnight. And so, the folks from Chomp have stepped in and released their app discovery service to Android users. Chomp allows users to seek out Android apps in what may or not be a better layout depending on your tastes. Given that it is available as a free download, it'll do no harm in checking it out if you're having troubles finding new apps for your device. Download and video are available after the break. [TechCrunch]