Chevy Volt Android appWhen the Chevrolet Volt electric car because available later this year, it'll do so with an Android counterpart in tow. A Volt application for Android (and the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm) is in the works that will let you communicate with the Volt and manage how it's charging.

Connecting through the OnStar service, there's a bank of standard gauges that will show you the car's status. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. From there, you receive reminders to plug in the vehicle (how weird does that sound?), or recharging power is cut. That not smart enough for you? You can set the car to only charge during off-peak utility times. You can turn on the heat or AC remotely while it's still plugged into the grid, saving the battery.

There's a demo available now for the Motorola Droid at This isn't quite Jetsons flying car stuff, but it's definitely getting closer.

Via AutoBlog