Cedemo announces the Video Game Barcode Scanner App; celebrates with contest [video]

So there you are, at your local Best Buy, trying to decide what video game you want to play on your extended three-day weekend. There are literally hundreds of titles to choose from. As you pace the isles, you’re beginning to feel like your navigating some labyrinth designed by the higher-ups at Best Buy. You finally come across two games you really want, but you only have enough money for one game in your wallet. All you need is that extra info to push you towards one title, but the small screenshots and bio on the back aren’t cutting it for you. That’s where the Video Game Barcode Scanner App comes into play.

Available today on the Android Market for free, Cedemo has released its Video Game Barcode Scanner App. Using the app’s search or barcode scanner functionality, allows users to pull up information on over 20,000 video game titles from the past decade. Cedemo has jam packed this app with “descriptions, videos, trailers, screenshots, exclusive content, ESRB/PEGI/BBFC ratings and feature lists.”

So now instead of starring at those two titles in front of you, just boot up the app, and give the trailers a watch. Your decision should be a bit easier. Cedemo has also packed in some lists. If you’re still struggling with that decision, check out the “Top 10” list to see what others are gamers are playing.

To celebrate the launch of their new app, Cedemo has also announced that they will be giving away a free pair of ezVision Video Glasses. And just because they know you love video games, ten additional contestants will be able to choose any video game of their choice. To enter, contestants must first download the app, hit the little “Like” button on their Facebook page, and scan a game and share its info with your bffs on Facebook.

Just promise us you won’t scan Superman 64, it’s basically one of the worst video games of all time. Seriously, trust us. Full press release and video after the break.

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 Cedemo Video Game Barcode Scanner App for iPhone and Android Available Now

Free Tool for Video Game Shoppers Launches in North America and UK – Contest Begins for ezVision Video Glasses and Games

MONACO – November 23, 2010 – Cedemo, the leading European marketing platform for video games, announced the launch of its free Video Game Barcode Scanner app for iPhone and Android in the North American and United Kingdom markets. The free app allows consumers to make informed purchasing decisions on-the-go by delivering video game details and media, with a simple barcode scan or through the integrated Search feature. The app is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 4.0+ and Android devices, now available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Android Market.

Designed to help game shoppers make smart purchasing decisions, the Cedemo Video Game Barcode Scanner App is a fast and easy way to learn more about any video game while shopping or anywhere else a user might encounter a UPC bar code. Using either the barcode scan or integrated Search feature, shoppers may retrieve information and media for over 20,000 games across all major platforms dating back to 1999, including descriptions, videos, trailers, screenshots, exclusive content, ESRB/PEGI/BBFC ratings and feature lists. Other useful features include a Top 10 list of the latest videos for the hottest games, an “Oldies” list highlighting some of the best classics, random videos generated with a “shake” of your phone, and the ability to share game media with Facebook friends.

Cedemo also kicked off a contest today in celebration of the application’s launch. One grand prize winner will be randomly chosen to receive a pair of ezVision Video Glasses and ten additional contestants will win a video game of their choice. To enter, just download the app, “Like” the official Cedemo Facebook page, scan a game and share the video with your Facebook friends, all by following the on-screen instructions. Users may submit additional entries for each game video they scan and “share” with Facebook friends.

“We’re pleased to now offer a mobile app to US and UK consumers, building on our reputation as the leading marketing platform for game publishers in Europe,” states Melody Meyblum, VP Marketing, Cedemo SAM. “The free app will benefit video game shoppers by providing them with valuable game info, images and video on their mobile devices. At the same time, we look forward to helping publishers engage shoppers with their games on store shelves while building out our marketing platform in the US and UK.”

To download the free Cedemo Video Game Barcode Scanner app, visit the Android Market from your Android device.

For more information about the Cedemo Video Game Barcode Scanner, please visit: http://mobile.cedemo.com

To learn more about Cedemo, please visit:


About Cedemo

Cedemo SAM was founded in the Principality of Monaco in 1989 and is a privately held corporation. The Cedemo interactive platform gives games publishers, resellers and the media access to a complete package of marketing collateral and hosted services to make consumer connections easier. The company works globally with indie to triple A publishers on the most popular video game platforms, including PS3, PSP, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PC.

The company currently has a pan-European infrastructure and is expanding into North America with the launch of its iPhone and Android applications.

Andrew Melnizek