Casio unveiled its first smartwatch last year with the rugged WSD-F10, and now the company is launching an update that adds GPS functionality and Android Wear 2.0. The model is aptly called the WSD-F20, and shares similar features as its predecessor that sees three buttons on the right and MIL-STD-801G rating for protection against the elements, as well as water resistance up to 50 meters (this thing can take a lot of abuse).

Casio WSD-F20

The design of the smartwatch makes it look even more rugged when next to its predecessor. Casio added a larger bezel around the screen, which contains text labels for the side buttons and one that highlights the GPS module. As always, you'll be able to launch your preferred apps or one of Casio's built-in tools with the side buttons, and the home button in the center is slightly larger.

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The smartwatch also retains the dual display mode, which allows you to conserve battery life by toggling a monochrome mode that just displays the time (like a regular watch). What's new is a low-power GPS sensor that works with the maps feature to enable location tracking even when you're offline. Casio will also roll out a Location Memory app that lets you mark locations on a map.

As noted by Digital Trends, map data is sourced from Mapbox, and you'll be able to download maps for offline use. There's also an "anti-fouling coating" on the screen, and you get two new watch faces that leverage the GPS — Location and Traveler.

The WSD-F20 will be up for sale starting April 21, and will be available in orange and black color options. Casio didn't reveal the pricing, but it is likely to be in the same $500 range as its predecessor.