Browser comparison -- WinPhone 7, iOS4, Android 2.2

It's another browser war, this time with Windows Phone 7 thrown into the mix.  Last time we talked about web browser speed, we saw a bunch of numbers and science, but this time the folks at PocketNow have just placed three phones side by side and let 'er rip.  It's pretty interesting, pretty flawed, and full of edits -- but it's still worth a look.

I won't even begin to point out what all was wrong here, you can figure out that yourself in the comments (and I'm sure you will!), let Windows enjoy its trip to 2010.  I do wish they used some sites heavy on the javascript, or heaven forbid Flash, but we know how that test would have turned out don't we?  Hit the break to check out the video, in Flash, on your Froyo browser.  Don't worry, we include a link back to YouTube for the 'lesser' equipment :)

And for those still waiting on Froyo, don't worry.  As is your phone's browser is equal to the competition.  [ via WMExperts]

YouTube link for mobile (and iOS & Windows Phone 7) viewing

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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