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Browser comparison -- WinPhone 7, iOS4, Android 2.2

It's another browser war, this time with Windows Phone 7 thrown into the mix.  Last time we talked about web browser speed, we saw a bunch of numbers and science, but this time the folks at PocketNow have just placed three phones side by side and let 'er rip.  It's pretty interesting, pretty flawed, and full of edits -- but it's still worth a look.

I won't even begin to point out what all was wrong here, you can figure out that yourself in the comments (and I'm sure you will!), let Windows enjoy its trip to 2010.  I do wish they used some sites heavy on the javascript, or heaven forbid Flash, but we know how that test would have turned out don't we?  Hit the break to check out the video, in Flash, on your Froyo browser.  Don't worry, we include a link back to YouTube for the 'lesser' equipment :)

And for those still waiting on Froyo, don't worry.  As is your phone's browser is equal to the competition.  [ via WMExperts]

YouTube link for mobile (and iOS & Windows Phone 7) viewing

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Flawed. You said it, Jerry.
  • They missed the bb torch.
  • The BB Torch is a joke! If you want to see for yourself, go over to and check out their comparison they did a week ago. It is sooo slow and does not support jack. With a 600MHz processor, it barely registers as a smart phone. I am soooo glad I dumped my Berries and RIM on their a$$.
  • Well I agree that the BB Torch is a joke, but my Droid has 550Mhz and well, it's definitely a smart phone.
  • Imagine if you overclock it. {{-_-}}
  • i thought froyo would be better....hmmm
  • Hmm. I agree very flawed.
  • Flaws? Yes, but all these reviews are flawed in one way or the other. Considering that it is not final software and compared to two other platforms with final software; and the phone itself is not finalized, but compared to two other phones which are production models; the windows phone did not do all that bad. But, as with all these types of comparision reviews, it is hard to tell the exact differences. It will be really interesting when Windows finally releases the software and the phones it will run on are also released and sold. At that time, a more fair comparision can be made, and hopefully, it will be a bit more scientific; if that is even possible.
  • This guy is obviously working for Windows Mobile, haha. He's biased against anything but Windows Mobile. It's interesting how he talks iffy about the Nexus One and it's performance like it's "eh, okay". What a bad comparison. By the way dude, the Nexus One loaded that webpage quicker than the other 2 phones, you just waited for the browser to completely finish which isn't necessary. It fully loaded the page first.
  • Brandon uses the Nexus one as his main phone, he isn't as biased as you think.
  • no he uses the hd2
  • And who do you think android central is "working" for? I'm sorry but i read these AC articles and i see biased opinions all over the place. They really don't bring you the facts. They're so far left it's unbelievable. I get the business model. Build a sight geared around android, get all the fandroids to read your articles, increased readers == increased dollars. So i know why you want to protect your phone. But please state the facts. You want to continue to slam others on how they don't use flash but let's talk about the truth about flash on froyo shall we? 1. Flash issues on froyo
    2. flash hit or miss on android And yes, i know iphone has it's own set of problems. The truth is there is no perfect phone out there so please quit acting like android is the end all be all. I'm a proud owner of an evo 4g and not to hurt your feelings or anything but i have flash disabled. The browser crawls when it's turned on (it's no secret.)
  • The iphone should win every time since it is only loading 25% of the most web pages at a time. Froyo loads the whole page.
  • Actually the iPhone loses in each one of these comparisons. Its only loading a piece of the page. The Nexus One continues loading the whole page in the background while rendering the viewable part...and it does that faster than the other two on almost every attempt. Honestly folk should try to understand what it going on technically before doing these reviews. The iPhone is struggling to render a single piece of the page in the time the other two are rendering the whole page. Talk about an iFail.
  • The windows phone he used in this vid is not a final version and it still kicked the iPhones a$$!!!!
  • That is a really unfair comparison because the Nexus one is not really top end hardware these days and it has always struggled with smooth browsing they should of used a droid x with leaked froyo and the guy probably didnt clear the cache on all the devices
  • my gawd that iphone....blows.
  • You know whats funny about this entire video? Windows Mobile 7! Thats a joke in itself!
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • This is such bullshit. The N1 came out in Jan, I4 in June, and a Brand new W7 phone with no flash or HTML 5 support. So make it fair turn of flash or better yet put it up against a newer phone like the X or the D2. Way to go for beating up on a nine month old phone which you did not do well anyway. Phil or Jerry run this shit again with the D2 in the N1's place then we will see whats up bitches.
  • LOL...some of you are just as bad as the reviewer. The N1 one in just about each test. Don't be fooled by who's line stops moving the fastest.
  • I don't think the purpose of this video was to "beat up" on the Nexus One. This was to show the browser of WP7, so chill out. Anyways, my question is more superficial. Why is it that Android still doesn't have a screen rotation animation? I know its just a glitzy visual effect, but to me it seems like a great way to add visual polish to the UI.
  • Gingerbread, my friend... (hopefully :) )
  • Man! The Galaxy Captivate looks so much more sexy than all 3 of those phones. :) The WinMo phone reminds me of the old iPaqs that compaq used to make.
  • the nexus 1 had a usable page before the others. who cares about the loading bar. I browse webpages on my pc while the page still loads... What shines here is the fact that android is loading a fully rendered page before the others. it's really sad that the iPhone only renders the viewable part of the page in close to the same time as the other two render the whole page. I tip my hat to the late bloomer WP7. Glad to see there'll be more competition coming. PS. playing with my friends 3GS and then the iphone4, I've noticed how much nicer the browsing experience is on the faster hardware. it would be interesting if they took any android phone that has a 1ghz processor and then test again. I think the results would favor android even more!
  • The Nexus One is a 1GHz phone....
  • thanks for pointing that out. I always thought it was a 600/something mhz. not sure where I got that from... haha
  • He mentioned that plugins were off on the N1. Weird because the browser on my X seems a lot smoother than the N1's and I thought they used the same browser. Must be the hardware on the X that gives it better performance.
  • Wow, no HTML5 OR Flash confirmed for launch. Yeah it looks fairly polished, but if there is no HTML5 support, then that's just laughable. Honestly I hope they have Flash support near launch as well, just to rub Job's nose in the whole "flash on a cellphone is not needed" point. Other than that, it really looks like Microsoft has a contender if they can get developers onboard. I think the Xbox Live tie-in is going to help alot in the consumer space, along with Zune support. Was good times last night watching some south park on my Droid X using full flash compatibility. Glad I wasn't told that I don't need that functionality... At least the iPhone has a South Park app made for it to make up for it. Too bad it got rejected/denied.
  • "So what we've learned..."
  • What's really funny is that when he does the double tap to zoom, he doesn't realize that the nexus one will automatically make the text fit into your screen so you can see all of it....unlike some people that make phones with a silly fruit on the back of it :)
  • That screen on the LG is atrocious.
  • The problem is that video cameras aren't very good at capturing the best image across 3 different light-emanating screens. It may look fine in person, or perhaps it's just using a dimmer screen setting. Maybe it runs a little darker indoors to get great battery life. As long as it's legible who cares 99% of the time. Or the screen could truly suck.
  • Hahaha, you made me laugh. 1pt for you.
  • I hadn't realized WP7 was so... bouncy. It's like someone at Microsoft said "Look at the iPhone! Everything's so fluid! Everything bounces! We need to do that... but MORE!" That said, Android could do with a touch more fluidity in the UI. There's a happy medium somewhere in there, probably just south of iPhone and just north of Android.
  • Actually Win Phone 7 is getting developer support, and to all appearances is a very strong mobile OS. And yes it is getting flash very shortly after launch. Something even funnier is that with both Android and WP7 fully supporting Flash and Air, developers can write apps using Flash and they will run on both platforms.
  • Did anyone else notice there was an edit around 6:13 in the video?