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Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War invades Android

Gameloft has released Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War for Android. The World War II-themed third person shooter was first announced in June 2013, and its release date was finally announced just a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a quick look at the features of the game, which is based on the Gearbox Software-created console and PC game franchise:


  • Use your brothers to gain a tactical advantage!
  • Employ their diverse abilities: Air Strike, Molotov, Rocket Blast, Mortar Fire and many more.
  • Unlock new allies. Upgrade them into seasoned soldiers: damage output, ability cooldown, HP pool, AoE ability damage and more!


  • Smooth cover-based 3rd-person action with free movement.
  • Various types of missions such as Assault, Sniper, Siege and Stealth.
  • Impressive killcam zooms.


  • Unlock new weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal with fire rate, recoil, reload speed or clip-size upgrades!
  • Discover the game-changing power of experimental weapons!
  • Wreak havoc with their cool abilities: Triple or Infinite Bullets, Electric Discharges and more!


  • Stunning indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Weather and time-of-day variations.
  • Console-like graphics for a AAA gaming experience.


  • Ladder challenge: missions gradually increase in difficulty for better prizes.
  • Limited-time events with exclusive drops.

While the game is free to download and play, be aware that it also contains in-game purchases. You can check it out on the Google Play Store (opens in new tab) now.

  • I wish Google Play or these reviews stated if they can be used/played without an internet connection. Plane rides, subway, buses, all have no wifi for my tablet
  • I'd like to hope you can buy the game outright with an IAP, but seeing that the IAPs go up to $99.99, I'm guessing this isn't the case. Next.
  • Both Google and Apple should put a stop to IAP that high. It's absurb that something like IAP can cost much more than a Full AAA PC/Console game. But, they're both in for the money so we'll probably be seeing $99.99 IAPs for a while.
  • It's a joke a iap purchase can cost more than a console game. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ran through the first couple of missions in campaign 1 and it's pretty good.
  • Yeah this game is actually pretty great, especially for a free game.
  • My phone is more then capable of play this game but play store says that its not compatible Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hence why it's says "not compatible" rather than "not capable". It could be the carrier blocking it. Android version too old or new. Or your processor type, not just the specs. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Seems good, but with tons of IAPs it will get repetitive quick Posted via Android Central App
  • Couldn't download it :(
  • I had to to un-install in the first ten minutes! Due to the game just being very unpolished, laggy, control responsiveness was lacking to say the least. Graphic wise I have no idea where they could honestly dub the newest installment as AAA console quality graphics! Some yesteryear graphics, like 2010..... Just over all had high hopes for Gamelofts latest addition, but in my opinion just managed to fall too short. Long story short they took contract killer, D-Day & mixed it up then decided to throw it up all over the Google Play Store today! I understand that no one should reinvent the wheel, but hell don't keep throwing the same old wheels on a new Shiney wrapper and then wheel it out with kinda like Samsung, "THE NEXT BIG THING...." Posted via LG G3 the Android Central App
  • F2P? Oh come on!
  • I used to be the BIGGEST.. i mean.. i know i'm self proclaiming this title.. but i BET you i'm probably in the TOP 100 App purchasers on iOS.. i'm willing to bet you.. i would say for the steady part of 3-4 years i literally bought EVERY SINGLE iOS game released..every single one, my app catalog is in the 1,000's.. Anyways, introductions aside.. i'm saying this because IAP's literally put a cold dead stop on all the fun i was having, the enjoyment i got out of the app market and getting new games every week.. now the games are such complete utter trash that i can't even stand to download FREE games. Do you hear me app developers? if any of you are reading these comments, i can't even stand downloading FREE GAMES. Here it is from the mouth of the beast himself, if you guys are sitting around scratching your heads wondering why the app market is so tough right now.. it's because IAP ruined it all. i would say.. a distant second.. "Sit and wait Energy" games also ruined it all.
  • You know if they just sold this for say $7 (which gameloft does for many games), I would be all over this. Free + IAP...won't even try it...