Broadcast networks block Google TV, Google seeking solution

Well, that didn't take long. Just as the Logitech Revue is delivered and the Sony TVs and Blu-Ray player were announced, some of the main broadcast networks decided to block their content from the service. ABC, CBS and NBC have all blocked access to content on their web pages from the Google TV devices. 

This is just another sign that the networks mentioned have not caught up with the rest of us technologically. They are still living in a time when consumers were required to go to the TV Guide to see what's on; a time when we only had one platform to watch their shows on. That time is over and these networks need to realize that.

All that said, it is being reported that Google is "actively" in negotiations to unblock the content. In the end, it'll come down to what it always comes down to: Money. Of which Google has a lot. I just hope the networks are willing to listen and realize the potential benefits that this platform has to offer them. [Reuters, 2] [photo via @dannysullivan]

Sean Brunett