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Broadcast networks block Google TV, Google seeking solution

Well, that didn't take long. Just as the Logitech Revue is delivered and the Sony TVs and Blu-Ray player were announced, some of the main broadcast networks decided to block their content from the service. ABC, CBS and NBC have all blocked access to content on their web pages from the Google TV devices. 

This is just another sign that the networks mentioned have not caught up with the rest of us technologically. They are still living in a time when consumers were required to go to the TV Guide to see what's on; a time when we only had one platform to watch their shows on. That time is over and these networks need to realize that.

All that said, it is being reported that Google is "actively" in negotiations to unblock the content. In the end, it'll come down to what it always comes down to: Money. Of which Google has a lot. I just hope the networks are willing to listen and realize the potential benefits that this platform has to offer them. [Reuters, 2] [photo via @dannysullivan]

  • what was that? net neutrality? we don't need that...
  • Google is one company I trust to take care of this. Which I'm sure will involve boatloads of cash one way or another. They have ALOT of it.
  • Totally absurd. They will let you watch all their stuff on a computer but not this? Same damn thing.
  • Not if their lawyers can convince each other that the medium is different enough to warrant special licensing. Since there is a lot of money involved in that proposition, I'll bet that Smart TVs will become yet another separate tier in the media consumption device structure. We already have TV, computer, and mobile device.
  • They are just like the RIAA, Mpaa, etc... stupid F#$% don't understand that information is ubiquitous and that all they have to do is "evolve" their revenue model to fit with modernity. NO THEY WOULD JUST RATHER sue or try to charge money or whatever. But in the end their revenue model has to bend or they will die. The Record companies could be making more profits than before the internet and mp3's. But NO. They are rigid OLD FAT wrinkly mental rejects that believe that they can sign bands into ironclad contracts and all they have to do is spend a week in a studio (never perform live) and the Fat cats can can sit back and rape the band and collect the profits.... Same thing here... Information is UBIQUITOUS. IF YOU UNDERSTAND THIS AND BUILD YOUR REVENUE AROUND IT .... YOU MAKE MONEY! $#%#@
  • I look forward to the day when the big networks/studios and record companies finally go out of business and new companies emerge with an understanding of modern society. If they don't change the way they do business, I could see this happening.
  • kinda ridiculous since I can and do hook any old pc up to my tv and watch those streams in any browser
  • I believe that the user agent can be changed in the settings to "Generic Browser" so it isn't really hard to get around this.
  • Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. It can be set to "Generic" (which probably mimics Chrome's user agent, since it probably is Chrome) or I think you can also set a custom user agent so you can make it say anything else.
  • Now my web design skills are rusty and outdated, but can't you get a lot more information about a client than just their browser? I'm talking about platform, architecture, etc...
    Just look what simple JavaScript can tell you about your system.
  • Why doesn't Google just change the User Agent to the exact same one that Chrome uses? I double dog dare them to try an block it then, if they did they would be blocking Google Chrome from their stuff too and I bet you that would garner so much attention that they would reverse that in a hurry!
  • Not a loss. I think I've watched about an hour of broadcast TV in the past year and that was just for weather as tornado rolled through the area. Maybe soon they will realise they should be trying to get viewers rather than alienate them. Yea right, but I don't care either way.
  • not to beat the dead horse into a bloody greasy mess but what difference does it make what kind of computer I'm watching their online content with? If I'm crafty enough to plug my laptop into my tv with an HDMI cable I can access it but if my computer happens to be a google tv device I get shafted? This is what makes "piracy" of information and digital good seem ok to me
  • This is the same reason Boxee Box is in a big "Negotiation" with HULU right now. HULU is doing the same thing. They are going to block Boxee Box devices. And why? It's not because of Boxee.... It's the networks... they want their cut. Why? You can hook your computer up to your TV and stream HULU. But as soon as a 3rd party comes along who understands the revenue model and can deliver it to the TV easily over broadband they want a cut, because they are too stupid to change their revenue model or adapt in anyway to the future ....
  • Just fire up chrome on Google TV and search for torrents of the shows you want to watch. And if you are the type to rip shows using your computer, be sure to pull all the ads out of them to make sure advertisers who support these networks get less revenue.
  • Give it away for free in HD over the air but block it from Google TV? I hope the dinosaurs running these 3 networks retire and let someone in touch with the world today take over soon. The world was different when I was a kid, no internet and pong was the new game. My generation gets it but people my dads age are lost in today's tech world, most are anyway. Analog people living in a digital world.
  • Wow how crazy is that. It just doesn't make any since. If logitech woulda called it a computer we wouldn't have this problem huh? Eat sh*t networks
  • This is just crazy, I don't understand these people. You have a computer and can access all the sites and videos, but on devices like Google TV, they want to take the hulu route.
  • Shouldn't there be a separate site or section of androidcentral to deal with TV?
  • " Well, that didn't take long. " and shouldn't surprise anyone either. Network tv is all about how much money can we make today? I live in an area where FOX has pulled it's programming from one of the cable providers in order to demand more money for their "services"! I kinda figured this was gonna be a big cluster^%$#@ in the beginning. Hopefully it gets worked out...and NOT by charging the guy that wants to own Google tv.
  • You know this is kind of stupid as I have frequented these sites on my TV for the last 2 years. I have a media center PC hooked up in the living room.
  • google tv booted into recovery mode!
  • That's a new low.
    Sorry they will eventually have to face it. The internet WILL replace TV.
  • I just hope that the "Money" mentioned is not going to come out of our pockets. Somehow I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Skyfire to the rescue, well as soon as we can load apps from the market :(
  • Like I said on another site, I have a DVR from AT&T and I have yet to watch a commercial in over 2 years since I got it. I simply tell my DVR to record my show, wait a whole half and hour after the show starts and fast forward through the commercials. So what's the difference if I use google TV to stream the show from their site? Either way I'm not watching there adverts and therefor I am not giving money. And if I miss a show entirely then I hook my PC upto my TV's VGA port and watch it through the browser.... The network is not protecting there "assets".. they know that Google will negotiate and that will land them more money. Simple equation. Google's product's=money="give me some" simple....
  • You don't want GoogleTV owners to view your advertisements the same as PC owners.. your loss networks...
  • Cyanogen, are you ready to dabble in the new medium?