Bolt browser's back, in private beta (and we have codes!)

You folks who came from Windows Mobile or, more recently, defected from BlackBerry should well remember the Bolt browser. It's webkit based, as are a good number of other browser these days, and it's full of all that HTML5 goodness the kids are talking about it.

And now it's coming to Android. It's currently in a closed beta program. But we've got your key to entry. Head on over to, give 'em your name and address, and use the code androidcentral. It's that easy.

Better hurry, though, cause it's only open to the first 500 who enter. And we know how much you folks like beta testing. 

Phil Nickinson
  • Thanks! Got it!
  • #WINNING, this was my browser of choice on my old BB Storm.
  • Got it, thanks guys! EDIT:It won't even open. I restarted my phone twice. I click on it and open it, click "accept" then it just freezes on the loading screen. I mean i get its a beta project but really?
  • I thought bolt felt pretty unfinished on my BB storm. Thanks androidcentral for the opportunity to participate in this beta. Hopefully it will be a little more polished for Android (if just simply because android makes things better in general).
  • I think it was Blackberry limitations. WCM
  • Yes! Got mine! Used to love Bolt! Sent emails to them asking if they were ever coming to our side lol. WCM
  • It looks like a dumb phone browser what makes it so great?
  • Why not try it out and see? I don't consider any of the web browsers dumb, they each have their own things that make them unique.
  • I don't want to steal a beta spot that's why i was asking for more information, the research i have done makes it seem like it isn't a good fit for me.
  • Back in my BB days, this was the browser I went to for EVERYTHING, it was amazing even on the old Curves. Thanks for the code!
  • I used to love Bolt on my 8330. Can't wait to see how it looks for Android.
  • From a quick test it's ok, loads full sites quickly but scrolling is very laggy and a little glitchy. Will wait for a later beta to re-evaluate...
  • Instead of waiting for a later beta, why not just use it and submit your input so they can fix bugs, etc.? If you're just gonna wait for another beta version, you might as well just wait until it comes out of beta.
  • Thanks for the chance to test!
  • I'm in Thanks for the code!
  • LOVED this browser on my Blackberries, I DO NOT MISS CRACKBERRY BY THE WAY ... .but thanks .
  • Got mine and my roommates BOLTing now - thanks for the code AndroidCentral - u guys ROCK!!!!
  • got it, thanks guys! :) AC is my best friend for ALL things new.
  • I used use Bolt Browser & Opera Mini on my BlackBerry before I switched to Android. There were definitely a step up over the BlackBerry browser. Thanks for the code. I've downloaded it.
    It's not as fast as other Android browsers out. I've detected a few bugs after running it for only 2 minutes. I sent them feedback on the issue.
  • You're a good person cdf3. Which is just what the Bolt people are looking for; users who will assist them in ironing out any bugs, etc., with their product. Keep up the good work of helping make things better for the rest of us. 5 stars for you!
  • Thanks, AC :-) Wasn't too fond of this on my old BB Storm, but I like the feel of it now. Crazy what a couple of years will do.
  • Got it, thanks guys.
  • had this on my BB Storm & BB Storm 2
  • Samsung Infuse: "Cannot download. The content is not supported on the phone" Browser fail.
  • same message on the samsung fascinate! Cannot dlownload. The content is not supported on the phone 06/21/11.
  • Did you check the box in your phone's settings to allow 3rd party downloads?
  • Hmm looking at the permissions. Send SMS messages. Why does a browser need that permission?
  • when you share a website with someone using sms
  • Got it! Thanks, AC.
  • it ok nothing to right home about perfore the stock browser on my tbolt. but it is the first beta and it was my goto browser on my storm 1/2
  • just gave it a spin for a few minutes. absolutely terrible. glitchy, slow, and bad looking. this is more of an alpha. they should have never released this for testing. btw, using an epic running srf 1.2.
  • They haven't released anything. It's a CLOSED beta! Somebody has to test it in real world conditions...and Android Central scored us an opportunity to test drive it and help beta test it. YOU should never have downloaded it if you don't understand what a closed beta is.
  • thanks for the brilliant insight but i do understand what a closed beta is. i get it, beta software has it's fair share of bugs, but should be somewhat usable. what i installed on my phone to test was not. i would have to write a novel in order to document all the things that were wrong with the browser.
  • No, you don't get it. A closed beta makes NO promises. There is no expectation whatsoever that it will be usable. Rather than bitching here why don't you write that novel and send it to the developers to help them make it a better browser. And you're welcome.
  • Well I got it and its not too bad a little glitchy but overall I think it just needs some polishing.
  • Got it. It's got some interesting features, some I like, most I don't like. But none of that matters, because there's no flash. Useless. (unless there's a plugin)
  • I agree lack of Flash makes a browser very tough to enjoy.
  • Bolt browser seems to need a few touchups especially with the freezing.It's gonna take alot for me to dump Dolphin browser.
  • The Bolt browser made browsing on the BB bearable so, yes I'm going to give this a shot on Android. Thanks AC
  • Thanks AC for the download. Tried it, decided it was horrible.. already uninstalled.
  • 6 hours later and i still got in. I dont know if thats a good thing or not...
  • That was probably the most frustrating experience I have had with a web browser (even in beta). Keyboard selection, keyboard input, no way to exit except from the Home screen. No Flash support. I hate to say it, but I left BlackBerry for a reason. This made me feel like I was taking several steps backwards. Hopefully they get the kinks worked out.
  • Thanks. I Signed up.
  • I tried to like Bolt for Blackberry, Opera Mini was a much better browser and even the stock browser was fine, Bolt was just plain buggy and wouldn't display many pages properly.
  • Thank you AC for the opportunity to test the new Bolt browser, but it was just plane bad. Everything was zoomed all the way out, despite changing the settings to show mobile content if available. Check boxes are nearly impossible to click on and so are buttons. I felt that Bolt for BlackBerry wasn't very well executed and this seems like the exact same experience I had with that version. This seems like a BlackBerry port of a bad browser. Even at the "high" setting, pictures look like crap. Uninstalled. I'm quite happy with Dolphin HD.
  • Careful, user 'airforceone' might get angry at you for saying such things.
  • stop crying and go finish that novel