HTC has made Blinkfeed part of HTC Sense Home, which brings several features from the HTC One M9 to previous generation devices.

HTC Themes

Some of the big new software features of the HTC One M9 are now available for older HTC devices, like the HTC One M8, thanks to HTC Sense Home. HTC Blinkfeed has been renamed to HTC Sense Home, which rolls Blinkfeed, HTC Themes, and the Sense Home widget together in one app.

HTC is excited about the personalization options available with HTC Themes, and now the feature is available before the new device is even in stores. HTC Themes lets you change colors, wallpapers and icons right from your device. In addition you can download new sound bundles, and browse themes other users have already created.

Also included is the Sense Home widget, which attempts to show you the apps it thinks you will need, based on where you are. In the Google Play listing there is a note that some features of HTC Sense Home will require Sense 7, which only the HTC One M9 has, but it does not specify which features those are. HTC has also released an update for their Lock Screen app, which brings a Sense 7 feel to it as well. Both updates are live now in Google Play.