Beta HTC Desire HD ROM snagged and leaked shortly after HTC Event

Earlier this month, HTC hosted a meetup in London at which they announced the HTC Desire Z and more importantly, the HTC Desire HD. During the event HTC flashed us a sneak peek of the new Sense UI, and it's definitely garnered some attention. As we've come to expect from the great community that is XDA, user DarkStone1337 nabbed a beta ROM of the HD and put it up for the masses. Join us after the jump to view the plethora of new features and a video showcasing them with the beta ROM.

[via AndroidSPIN and XDA]


  • A HTC eBook Reader
  • "Sense Hub" Allowing user to swap Sense skins and themes
  • Account allowing user to backup their layout and take advantage of a new "find my phone" feature
  • “HTC Recommends” feature which highlights things that have caught HTC's attention
  • Five pre-installed themes/skins to try out
Dallin Hampton