Beta HTC Desire HD ROM snagged and leaked shortly after HTC Event

Earlier this month, HTC hosted a meetup in London at which they announced the HTC Desire Z and more importantly, the HTC Desire HD. During the event HTC flashed us a sneak peek of the new Sense UI, and it's definitely garnered some attention. As we've come to expect from the great community that is XDA, user DarkStone1337 nabbed a beta ROM of the HD and put it up for the masses. Join us after the jump to view the plethora of new features and a video showcasing them with the beta ROM.

[via AndroidSPIN and XDA]


  • A HTC eBook Reader
  • "Sense Hub" Allowing user to swap Sense skins and themes
  • Account allowing user to backup their layout and take advantage of a new "find my phone" feature
  • “HTC Recommends” feature which highlights things that have caught HTC's attention
  • Five pre-installed themes/skins to try out
  • Does that mean it is possible to skin the notification bar? even with other launchers? I don't hate Sense but i dislike the bottom phone dock, to me it's not the most effect way to utilize the space.
  • I would give this 100 thumbs up. The dock on Sense is the worse. Its a waste of space. They should make it customizable and let us decide what buttons are useful there. The biggest thing I hate is the "Add to home button" you have to have free space to add something to home so why not just long press and add something instead of waste a button to add something
  • That new Sense is hot! I will have to drop launcherpro for this. Port to the EVO can't be far! The video is long, but worth it. Wow @ all the features they packed in. Nice!
  • I'm not the most fond of the sense dock either, but at least they added themes to change it up a bit.
  • I would just like to know when we might see this officially over to the EVO... I can't see not including the EVO, let alone the Incredible in this update. For branding purposes, it just wouldn't make sense, not to have the new sense...... UI.... sorry.
  • I wish I understood why people sacrifice so much prime real estate to a clock.
  • tell me about it, i hate the fact that it eats up about 50% of the screen, I think people have it on because of the weather animations. I took it off and just put a small 2x1 clock.
  • you have 7 screens, that should be more then enough room. The clock is also a shortcut for clock and weather/
  • I REALLY wish HTC use the standard "Browser" name and icon like in stock Froyo :( Yes, I'm nitpicking.
  • love the pinch to tabs they have for the browser. cant wait for this to come out for the evo.
  • love the pinch to tabs they have for the browser. cant wait for this to come out for the evo.
  • I want this on the G2 :( how would I have something like this on it? Someone told me about a ROM. How does that work? Because I really need a keyboard on my phone but I want Sense so bad I might have to wait for the MyTouch HD.
  • Really want this for my Incredible. Some of the changes are great.